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Create a Successful Working Environment from Home

17 Jul

Working from home in recent years has seen a growing trend in popularity. Many people are making the leap from working in an office to setting up their own in the comfort of their home. However, along with working from home comes loads of possible distractions that you wouldn’t typically see in the work place. In order to conquer these distractions, it is key that you follow a few simple rules. Here are three key tips that will set you up with a home office that will send your productivity level through the roof.

Create a productive space – First thing is first. In order to generate the level of success you are looking for from home you must create a designated work space that is strictly used for your work and nothing else. Setting up a proper office will allow you to get done what needs to be accomplished. Find a quite area where people will not distract you where you can concentrate. Working from home will not work if you try and lay on the couch with your computer while watching TV. It’s important that you treat your home work office as if you were in an actual office building.

Get the support you need – In order to be successful working from home, it’s important that the people who live along with you understand that when you are working there is no interrupting or distracting. Whether it is your roommate, spouse, partner, or children, they should understand that they need to treat your workspace as if it was an office away from home. Keep things that don’t have to do with your work out of your workspace. Once you step into that workspace at home it should feel as if you are in a regular office. Keep those distractions out!

Stay on track – If you were in your old office space, you wouldn’t be able to just come in whenever you want and finish when you were tired, right? Or you can’t just take a break to watch a TV show and tell yourself you’ll make up the work another time. Well you can’t let yourself do this at your home office either. Stay on track! In order to be productive, it’s important to follow a routine schedule. Get in the habit of doing the same thing each day. Try and start and end work at the same time each day. Be sure to take the usual breaks. Give yourself an hour for lunch like you would if you were in an office. By doing this, you’ll naturally get used to a regular routine that will allow you to stay on track.

Working from home can only be a challenge if you allow yourself to fall out of the normal work routine. By creating a productive office space, having understanding loved ones, and keeping to a regular working schedule, you might even be more productive than in an actual office. Give it a try and discover why so many people in recent years have been switching to working from home!


Work:Life Balance Day!

1 Mar


Work:Life Balance Day is TODAY!


Work:life balance is a term we all know, but one that only a handful of us actually implement and push towards. The commercial argument for work:life balance is as compelling as the holistic one.


When was the last time you took a proper lunch break? According to Datamonitor the average worker skips 24 minutes of his/her lunch break each day, the equivalent of approximately 2 weeks additional holiday per year. According to Tara Dalrymple, Director of Busy Lizzie Lifestyle Management [www.busylizzie.ie], working long hours, over a long period of time can be detrimental to health. ‘Working 12-hour days and missing breaks can actually lower work productivity. It can also affect our relationships with colleagues and people outside of work.’


A report by the Small Firms Association has shown that small businesses in Ireland lose on average €550 million a year through absenteeism. So it’s hardly surprising that the mention of the phrase ‘work:life balance’ is now causing employers to sit up and take notice. Dalrymple says there is a strong business case for the adoption of work:life practices: ‘Large companies are taking the concept of work:life balance more seriously at a strategic level. They know it’s important for attracting and retaining talent on a long-term basis. Young graduates are now using flexible working as a bargaining tool. Everybody can benefit from a better work:life balance. More flexible working boosts staff morale, improves employees’ commitment to their work and benefits business through higher productivity.’


So perhaps it’s time to reflect on your own work:life balance. If you’re working so late you’re on first-name terms with the cleaners, it’s clearly time to get talking to your line manager or human resources about that masters degree you’ve always thought about, or that teaching job in South America you’ve dreamt about for so long. Because life is all about balance, and you want to be sure you are achieving yours.


These work:life balance programs are an excellent resource for recruitment, retention in addition the benefit is also proving to increase employee focus, reduce absenteeism, relieve stress and extend a level of order and management between career and home. Work:life balance programs communicate a company’s concern for employee well-being and offer assistance for lifestyle management.
The work:life program is typically set up as a membership based on number of employees with variables such as a tailored list of available services, the method of offering services to employees, and hours per month with a specific day of the week for the company and services completed during normal business hours. Services may be offered at no cost or at a reduced cost to the employees depending on the company’s preference. “Outsourcing for balance is becoming more and more popular,” said Dalrymple. “On the work front there are projects, deadlines, meetings and professional functions to attend. On the home front there is grocery shopping, dinner, kids’ school functions and sporting events, volunteerism, the need to be home for repairmen and the list goes on”.
About Busy Lizzie Lifestyle Management

Busy management and personal assistant service operating in Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Galway and Wicklow that exists for the sole purpose of helping clients to lead more fulfilling lives.


Through their services, they enable their clients to enjoy newfound freedom by reducing the amount of time they spend performing time-consuming tasks. They strive to ensure that their clients have the opportunity to spend more time with their family, friends and on hobbies and passions.


Website: http://www.busylizzie.ie

Email: info@busylizzie.ie

Phone: 091 399950

Pinterest Contest: Busy Lizzie Time Saving Dreams

2 Aug

 Pinterest Contest: Busy Lizzie Time Saving Dreams

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  2. Create a board titled “Time Saving Dreams” with images that inspire you about creative lifestyle tips (health, stress relief, cooking, exercise, family). Pin at least 10 inspiring images, including at least 3 repinned images from our corporate services boards at busylizzies.
  3. Under each pin, include the hashtags: @BusyLizziework and # Time Saving Dreams board
  4. When your “Time Saving Dreams” board is complete, post comment @BusyLizzies under the “Time Saving Dreams” board with a link to your board during the Entry Period. No changes maybe be made to your board after the end of the promotion.

Starting a Family Friendly Business in Ireland

19 Dec

Starting a Family Friendly Business in Ireland

Working in a company or running a business may require additional time. And for that, you need to sacrifice the hours that you must spend for your family. As you grow as an employee or a businessman, the needs of your life partner and children grows as well. Because of it, you become to think that working, while it is actually for your family, is not at all family-friendly. Though, that would not be the case if you start your own business at home.

Running a home-based business is basically just the same as getting employed or managing a regular business. The difference is you are close to your kids and there are comforts that a regular occupation is not able to bring. Though, starting a home-based enterprise is not easy at the beginning. When you are at the early stages, cash flow is slow and your profits are limited. You are your own boss, nonetheless, so you have the option to stop or to continue. Since you chose the latter, let us move on to some helpful ideas to help you get started.

First, do not believe in alluring promises you see online. Certainly, an entity that pops out, promising that you can earn as much as 8,000 Euros in just one month is too good to be true. Home-based entrepreneurs testify that these promises actually are. There are no quick fixes when it comes to earning such a huge amount, so judge accordingly.

Second is research. Reading about the market on and off line will show you what exactly the consumers need. Manufacturing a product or offering a service that nobody needs will only lead to waste. Study your market before investing your capital. Conduct a feasibility study to determine whether a product or a service has a stable market. For example, a product and a service that does not go out of being needed is food. Use the power of the internet and social media to make the public aware about your food business.

Third, consider your capital. Your financial capability will determine the magnitude of your home-based business. In line with this, think about where you would get your fund. It may be from your savings or your job separation pay. You can augment your resources by availing loans. Just inquire to your preferred insurance company or your bank if you consider this option to increase your resources.

When you have everything taken into consideration, like you have finally decided on a company name, proceed on making your business legitimate. For this step, you may ask a lawyer or your local government offices for the proper procedures. One essential step on building up a business is visiting the website of Companies Registration Office. From there you can download the application form. After completing the form, mail it to their postal address; the information is included in their website as well.

Take advantage of the free business mentoring programs that the Irish government provides. This way, you can sustain your home-based business, or better yet, make it more successful. As you see, working and earning should not take you away from your family.

Busy Lizzie provides businesses and individuals with the time they need to focus on other tasks. We have a variety of services available to make the lives of our customers easier at an affordable price. Our office is staffed with experts that range from secretarial and administrative to experienced marketing and sales professionals.

Clear the Cobwebs and Make Room for Christmas Cheer!

12 Dec

In a few weeks time, the whole world will soon be celebrating Christmas again. Basically, this occasion is commonly fun- filled and an experience with a merry Christmas with people dear to you is something great to cherish for the rest of your life. And since we are still some few months away, we still have time to prepare – prepare everything in the house from Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, and anything that entails Christmas. How about the most important thing to prepare – yourself?

There are so many times that we may not feel at the best parts of ourselves. There are times too that we may not feel to be at our brightest. During those times, it is very important to treat them as your best opportunity to reflect and ponder on the things that you have had during the past few months or days of your life. Pondering will help us think of the best ways to let the inner light within us to shine to the fullest.


Basically, if you are someone who is really interested to clear the cobwebs and make room for Christmas cheer, you will come to the point of knowing the right way on to do the clearing process. This also applies in the workplace where you need to keep everything organised. Sorting things out and clearing what needs to be cleaned the working environment are important factors that every employee needs to practice. Accomplishing all the tasks before getting a vacation will surely give your peace of mind during your being away from the workplace.

In any workplace, there are tons of tasks to do and often, the amount of work cannot be accomplished within the expected time given. The concept of Virtual PA in any company can minimise the amount of work that needs to be done within the day. If hiring such personnel is time-consuming, then acquiring the services of the experts is the best thing to do. At busylizzie.ie, you can enhance the quality of your life by making a balance with work and family life.

Since Christmas is one of the most celebrated occasions every year in the whole world, clearing out your workload in order to spend time for the holiday is the best way to enjoy the season. It is but normal to encounter tonnes of work before the holidays. Yet, it is still required to accomplish all these in order to have a peaceful Christmas vacation. It is fine to go through that pressure of finishing all the work rather than spending the holiday with a lot of pending work to go back to. Having a fresh start after the holidays gives you more motivation to employ your daily tasks.

So, to make yourselves prepared for the upcoming Christmas, you have to be prepared to undergo pressure and have the work done at the right time. You will finally realise why it pays to the Cobwebs and make room for Christmas cheer.

Work More and Get Busy Tirelessly

4 Oct

People today are living in diversity. Workloads and work stations are sporting a different aura in the corporate market. What was practiced 10 years ago in the working sector may no longer be applicable today. Before there were less traffic and people are satisfied with only one job. Nowadays, with the large number of public and private vehicles, busy hours in the streets are extended. Traffic is congested. It cannot also be denied that a better livelihood is highly in demand as the cost of living also increases. That is why most people grab the chance of an extra job whenever they have the opportunity. Businesses are also working double time to meet the expenses of the company and to fairly provide wages to the employees.

A day has only 24 hours but people are seen everywhere working until the wee hours of the morning. They are working sleepless and at the end of another day, you will see them drained. Aside from the work they do outside their homes they still need to do some chores when they arrive to their loving abode. Their work has already squeezed their brains out of their heads and they can no longer bear the additional task waiting for them at home.

Need some help? This is high time you get additional work load without getting tired. The magic of Busy Lizzie will do the job for you. She has a magic wand that can make your day consume 48 hours all to be spent with your family.

Busy Lizzie is a website that offers virtual assistance to people engaged in business especially those who are in the small and medium enterprise and to individuals as well. Their aim is to make life easier. Everybody wants that. They can also offer virtual assistance to business owners by providing a virtual assistant who can manage their appointments and other tasks while away. Simple services can also be offered like household repairs or services.

Busy Lizzie will not be famous if not for their reliable services. Business assistance is very much likely asked from them. They can facilitate anything that comes around the business, from web design to e-marketing, from bookkeeping to decluttering. Busy Lizzie has been of service to people in the US, Ireland and England. Some people know about this virtual service assistance by word of mouth and the number of people that they are servicing is continuously growing. Thanks to the positive response of the people who experienced the direct magic from the company.

If you want an easier life, more time with your family and more time for leisure and fun activities, join Busy Lizzie. Facebook is already a place for every person, businesses and aspiring big business owners. If you know your way around Facebook then it is your chance to visit Busy Lizzie’s page and click on the “like” button. Just go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Busy-Lizzie/38758469440 and http://www.facebook.com/BusyLizzielife for their business account. Go and browse their Facebook fan and business page and share with other followers your needs and interest in their services.

Help Your Employees Get Organised – Some Tips and Guidelines to Follow

1 Sep

When it comes to the different types of employees that exist in this world, it is not surprising to take note that there are actually only two types of them – those who are well-organised because they simply crave for such  characteristics and structures, and those employees who simply love working or living in the world of the disorganised.

But it is however amazing to note here that even disorganised people still has the ways to find what they are looking for no matter how chaotic their situations seem to be. Seeing these people who way makes you think that they simply follow a “system” which can only be understood by them alone.

Organisation – A Matter of Degree

Successful organisation is generally defined as spending the smallest or lease amount of time that is required to come up with the most organisation to perform the job quickly and more efficiently. Organisation in the workplace is a matter of proper task delegation to the appropriate manpower. Problems occur in the absence of organisation. Hence, if this factor is missing then the operation seems to be chaotic that even employee personal issues would come in. An organised structure can be handled well by busylizzie.ie. The presence of back support office can promote an organised working environment.

So how will you ever know if your employee needs your support and assistance particularly in the aspect of getting himself organised? Below are some pointers and guidelines you should know to help you detect whether or not your employee needs to have help from you to get his life organised:

  • It takes a longer period of time (seems like forever) for an employee to remember the things you have asked him.
  • They are usually late when attending meetings at the office and they usually fail to present a report or information once they are already there.
  • Easily gets frustrated with small things within the workplace.

If these signs are evident to your employee then there should be immediate things that should be done to help them. Also included are some useful tips and guidelines to help you maintain a good and conducive working environment for you and your employees as well.

  • Let your employees know how well you really like working in an organised workplace.
  • Let them know the kind of “system” you wish to establish inside the workplace; this will make them adjust their selves of your so-called systems from theirs.
  • Managers should be given the tips and pointers on how to relay things concerning to the workplace structures to the employees.
  • Let the employees know when and where important papers should be documented and stored.
  • Tell them when do you want your mails.
  • Tell them of small details you want; for example, is if preferable for you to have simple emails or have those messages and documents printed.
  • Everyone in the office should also inform you the locations of the important things needed in the workplace no matter how big or small they are.
  • Being an employer, you should help your employee the ways on how they can identify the organisation structures or systems of their friends.
  • Set up an organisation structure which may prove essential for employees to follow.

Everybody in the office may his/her own organisation process but you have to understand that setting up and enforcing processes and procedures will greatly improve an organisation as everyone in the workplace will be following one basic organisation structure. Although manpower may be complete, the presence of Virtual PA can enable quality work with less expense. Outsourcing throughout Ireland for virtual personal assistant and back office support positions can be done by the experts. Let busylizzie.ie get into your office and spell what proper organisation is all about.

C-Section Article

23 Aug

An interesting article here on c-sections for our female followers.


Keeping Your Cool in Steamy Situations

16 Aug

Steamy situations happen not only in literally hot places but figuratively in places where stress is on a high level. The workplace is a common place where the temperature is high due to stressful work load and demanding superiors. This kind of situation creates pressure in the workplace making every employee work under difficult conditions. With this, every individual in the workplace must know how to deal with such amount of pressure. Thus, the concept of cooling oneself under steamy situations must come in.

Times of stress usually occur when you are put in a situation wherein your workplace comes with lots of problems; no matter how small or big these problems, it will be very important to consider yourself to be cool at all times as this will help you put everything in the right place.

To keep your cool, take a deep breath and you should exude patience and understanding; simply combine these two characteristics and you will be able to control the situations particularly when you need to fix a heated situation or problem inside your workplace.

This is how it works: in terms of literal situations where the human body responds to a high-temperature environment. On a deeper context such situations can happen in many ways. Say for example, the presence of such situation in the workplace. Oftentimes, the office is a place where pressure is on a high level due to administrator’s demands and regulations. Having this is a common scenario, it is essential that you have to keep yourself cool in this situation by promoting a clear mind set in employing your job. One of the most important things that you have to learn is to keep up with what needs to be prioritised. It is but normal to encounter a heavy work load and with the proper organisation of carrying out the task, then all these can be accomplished within the expected time.

If you are running an office with less manpower and too much work load, the presence of Virtual PAs can help minimise the workload with less expense. These individuals need not be physically present to employ the job, but they can perform tasks in a home-based structure. Most of their jobs are computer based and all the systems follow a systematic online procedure. By acquiring the services of busylizzie.ie, a back office support company, you are assured that your office will be in proper order and outsourcing for manpower will no longer be a problem as this comes with trusted and reliable delegation that helps in outsourcing in Ireland and other places around the globe.

How to Enjoy Driving with Children

27 Jul

You’ve scheduled the vacation both with the office and the family, taken all our advice on how to go mobile with work (or NOT to let work interfere with a peaceful holiday) and are hitting road! Shortly into the trip you wish you were once again holed up in your cubicle because the kids are
driving you crazy! Busy Lizzie has gathered some tidbits to calm you down and keep you from cutting your trip short!


  1. Prepare a checklist just for the journey in the car.
  2. Plan out rest stops if possible so you can tell complaining kids how much longer till the next stop.
  3. Give yourself plenty of extra time! Kids will get cranky if rushed and will need more potty and stretching stops than you think.


1. Make sure children are in the proper safety seats and are wearing comfortable clothes.

2. Bag up travel-safety activity “tools” like washable, round pointed crayons, fabric books, soft dolls and stuffed animals.

3. On every break, get rid of rubbish and clear the clutter to help keep everyone fresh and happy.

4. No matter how much you enjoy the quiet, don’t stuff kids with snacks and drinks, particularly young children that could choke, get car sick, and spill.


  1. Videos will occupy children of any age. Older children can wear earphones, but with younger children you might have to hear the same music and dialogue over and over…and over again!
  2. Nothing calls for smiles and laughs like singing and telling stories – timeless, always a hit, and pulls kids away from all those electronic handhelds and mobile phones (but these items sure are handy when all else fails!).
  3. There are lots of online sites that offer activity worksheets and colouring pages like about.com and go.com.
  4. If there is an adult or older child that can read while in a moving car (many people get motion sickness while in the car), that person can read a book to everyone. Try composing a story together.
  5. Don’t forget a deck of cards and pamphlets about the location to where you are traveling!
  6. Let older kids monitor the GPS or mark off a map as your trip progresses.


  1. Everybody grabs something when they get out of the car.
  2. Cheer and take a deep breath! You made it!
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