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The 3 S’s of Social Media Maintenance

25 Sep

Email Marketing Best Practices

22 Sep

Starting a Family Friendly Business in Ireland

19 Dec

Starting a Family Friendly Business in Ireland

Working in a company or running a business may require additional time. And for that, you need to sacrifice the hours that you must spend for your family. As you grow as an employee or a businessman, the needs of your life partner and children grows as well. Because of it, you become to think that working, while it is actually for your family, is not at all family-friendly. Though, that would not be the case if you start your own business at home.

Running a home-based business is basically just the same as getting employed or managing a regular business. The difference is you are close to your kids and there are comforts that a regular occupation is not able to bring. Though, starting a home-based enterprise is not easy at the beginning. When you are at the early stages, cash flow is slow and your profits are limited. You are your own boss, nonetheless, so you have the option to stop or to continue. Since you chose the latter, let us move on to some helpful ideas to help you get started.

First, do not believe in alluring promises you see online. Certainly, an entity that pops out, promising that you can earn as much as 8,000 Euros in just one month is too good to be true. Home-based entrepreneurs testify that these promises actually are. There are no quick fixes when it comes to earning such a huge amount, so judge accordingly.

Second is research. Reading about the market on and off line will show you what exactly the consumers need. Manufacturing a product or offering a service that nobody needs will only lead to waste. Study your market before investing your capital. Conduct a feasibility study to determine whether a product or a service has a stable market. For example, a product and a service that does not go out of being needed is food. Use the power of the internet and social media to make the public aware about your food business.

Third, consider your capital. Your financial capability will determine the magnitude of your home-based business. In line with this, think about where you would get your fund. It may be from your savings or your job separation pay. You can augment your resources by availing loans. Just inquire to your preferred insurance company or your bank if you consider this option to increase your resources.

When you have everything taken into consideration, like you have finally decided on a company name, proceed on making your business legitimate. For this step, you may ask a lawyer or your local government offices for the proper procedures. One essential step on building up a business is visiting the website of Companies Registration Office. From there you can download the application form. After completing the form, mail it to their postal address; the information is included in their website as well.

Take advantage of the free business mentoring programs that the Irish government provides. This way, you can sustain your home-based business, or better yet, make it more successful. As you see, working and earning should not take you away from your family.

Busy Lizzie provides businesses and individuals with the time they need to focus on other tasks. We have a variety of services available to make the lives of our customers easier at an affordable price. Our office is staffed with experts that range from secretarial and administrative to experienced marketing and sales professionals.

Should You Take It All With You?

20 Jul

We are taking the office and work with us on vacation more than ever. Grab your smart phone, tablets, laptops, and keep in contact with social media. Gone are the paperback books with their worn pages and bent corners; now we read e-books. The massive retailer Amazon’s core market was books, but is now concentrating on building its rapidly growing Kindle market. Amazon is currently working on a full-featured tablet, on which you can read your downloaded books, magazines, and newspapers, but also check your email and Facebook to your heart’s content. Don’t forget lying on the beach with your Mp3 player in your ear listening to lectures, self-improvement audio books, or music.

Skeptics are worried that taking our world with us when we are supposed to be escaping from it could be dangerous. Just because we are physically removed from the environment of work and career, it is still necessary to be mentally and emotionally removed as well for the small amount of holiday time that is taken. Young professionals, particularly those under 35%, say they are more relaxed knowing that they are staying connected with colleagues, able to put out fires that develop while they are away, and keeping down the work load that will be on their desks while they are away.

As for toting along our technology to our vacation spots, 78% of those young professionals in Britain claim they would never consider going without. They hit the fun spots, but then share their exploits on Twitter, Facebook, instantly uploading pictures and stories. Hotels, restaurants, and even beachfronts are desperately trying to accommodate these young techies with free Wi-Fi, plug-ins, mobile electronic centres, and tourist towns are making deals with cell phone companies faster than you can say “dial-up”.

What’s wrong with being able to instantly download the newest bestseller and listen to your “relaxation” playlist while you soak up the sun? These days we don’t have to worry about what’s happening on the job while we are away because we can go mobile. These are wondrous developments due to our innovation and creativity. Or, have we gone too far and become unbalanced? Where do you stand?

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Intern

9 May

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Intern Hiring an intern has a lot of pros, but it may not be a win/win situation in every situation. When considering hiring an intern, you might want take the following into consideration.


  • Interns provide extra help usually at a college or higher skill level.
  • Save money.
  • Interns earn little or no pay but do expect valuable work experience.
  • Interns can bring new, fresh insight into your business.
  • Interns can be hired for specific skill area projects, rather than a general helper.
  • Interns benefit by the on-hands learning experience and earn school credit.
  • You are helping train the future colleagues in your field.


  • Hiring an intern requires the same search and interview process as hiring a full employee; as well as time must be spent training.
  • It cannot be assumed that an intern can immediately jump into an employee’s role, and an intern could become frustrated and discouraged if this assumption is made.
  • Lots of paperwork/forms/report usually accompany the intern earning credit.

In summary, hiring an intern may save you some money and definitely fulfills a specific need. It also gives a young person on-the-job training and you are servicing your community. However, if time is of the essence, this might not be the best path to follow. Keep in mind that hiring an intern needs not only benefit you, but should greatly benefit the intern as well.

We want your work:life balance ideas

20 Apr

We want to know how YOU strive for balance in your work and life.

You have more meetings than hours in the day, a presentation to plan, your staff is putting in for holidays, the school is calling for you to pick up your sick child…sound familiar?

Life is stressful and rarely ever predictable, so what’s a person to do?

What are your best hints and advice for not only coping, but successful and happy?

We are putting together a list of all work:life balance ideas and will send it out in 2 weeks time.

In Small Business – Together IS Better

13 Apr

Connaught-based Busy Lizzie and Irish Business Intelligence Small Business Consultants discuss their working ‘synergy’…

While the new government receives their first baptism of fire, small businesses continue to innovate and examine new ways of developing their service offering.  The latest example of this comes in the form of a large dollop of creative thinking from Galway-based Tara Dalrymple of Busy Lizzie, who spotted an opportunity to build her business’s audience through a mutually-beneficial working synergy with another West-of-Ireland colleague, Irish Business Intelligence.

’Olwen and I share a very similar view on business, working with clients and the right way to do things. From on-going communications it was clear that our two businesses dovetailed nicely. Very quickly we decided a collaborative relationship was not only a way to really help our clients grow, but also a great way to grow each other’s client base’ Tara adds.

Both businesses offer solutions and support for business-people and entrepreneurs of all walks, by simplifying, advising and expediting their personal and business lives: Olwen Dawe of Irish Business Intelligence ‘when Tara and I spoke about the idea initially, there was an instant fit.   I offer support and advice by coaching start-ups, small and developing businesses on how to best get their product or service to market – helping them to overcome personal and business obstacles along the way.  Busy Lizzie’s back office outsourcing portfolio is extensive – from call-answering, concierge, e-marketing and social media to personal and social services’.

Both Tara and Olwen are members of Network Ireland [Galway and Mayo branches respectively], and are award-winning businesswomen.  Both have solid corporate backgrounds in operations, HR, IT, banking, retail, PR and marketing, giving these two ladies years of ‘big’ business know-how, they really do know their stuff.

According to both Tara and Olwen, it’s a case of “paying it forward”; by supporting others, you can help yourself ‘I think businesspeople have had their fill of the constant stream of negativity – it’s time to look at the opportunities we can create for ourselves and one another by working together’ Olwen comments.

‘Our packages are built with SMEs in mind, they cover off all bases a start-up or growing SME Company requires, and when they grow we have other packages to take them onto the growth stage. Between us, we will are able to take someone from zero to hero.  For example, we are offering basic or ‘entry-level’ services from as little as €400 – this type of package would include a development report from IBI, covering a broad-spectrum of marketing and development objectives for SMEs, and a social media starter package, ‘bronze’ e-newsletter or call-answering / virtual secretary services. ‘ says Tara ‘In addition to this, we’re able to provide more hands-on packages for developing business which would include a selection of our back-office services as well as Olwen’s onsite consulting or monthly coaching option – we do a ‘pick-and-mix’ which offers best value-for-money.’

Outsourcing is utilised more and more as companies limber up and examine routes to become leaner and meaner, while consultants really have to show their worth and deliver tangible results, ‘Unfortunately there were a lot of “consultants” around during the boom – sadly, many of them didn’t really do what they ”said on the tin” resulting in a wide sense, among business-owners, that most consultants are just “hacks” who don’t actually deliver anything’ claims Dawe, ‘I am a business-person, and I deliver results, based on clear, concise objectives agreed with my client – no ambiguity! Partnered with the wide-variety of services Tara offers to support businesses – we can revolutionise the way you do business.’

If you’d like to hear more about the Busy Lizzie / Irish Business Intelligence service offering, visit the company’s websites at www.irishbusinessintelligence.com and www.busylizzie.ie or call Olwen on 087 7997772.

Start Working From Home and Save A Fortune

11 Apr

For a lot of businesses you need an external offices, to showcase products, have many client meetings or have a large number of staff to house. However, I am sure that there are a lot of readers out there who could work from home.

More and more we see that our clients are getting out of expensive rent agreements, rates that are not keeping up with the business operandi of  today, insurance, heating, lighting, parking and not forgetting lunch each day.

We are working with one client later this month to do just that. He has asked us to scan all clients documents into a digital format, and back-up in two of our overseas servers. After speaking to the data protection commissioners, he was told that as long as the scanned images are able to be printed out with all the details clearly, then he no longer needs to keep hard copies.

Just think of it, no more paper, filing cabinets, large printers, printing cartridges, the benefits go on and on.

So the next stage is where to work from in the home. After doing some research myself I have found that there are lots of great office rooms you can buy flat pack from B&Q. Now I am sure there are other providers out there, but I like the design of these rooms.

The other option is to build onto your house, now is the best time to build, due to liquidation sales and builders not being as busy as they used to be and not as expensive.

You do not need planning for many extensions either, for further details read this leaflet from the Department of the Environment and Local Government.

Have you thought about getting an Intern?

8 Apr

Intern: A student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training.

This summer Busy Lizzie has an American student called Laura working with the team in the Galway office.  The benefits to both parties are huge. We get a recent business graduate looking to up-skill, assisting us with a wide range of projects that tend to get put on the long finger.

In return Laura will get working experience of working not only in industry, but also overseas in Europe and getting to implement the skills and knowledge she has amassed over the last 4 years at college.

There are many agencies around Ireland that provide an intern service, don’t delay google today and get your company an intern this summer, you won’t regret it.

Busy Lizzie provides advice on all types of back office outsourcing solutions, including quality social media services.

Tel: 00.353.(0)1 514 3401|Skype: busylizzielifestylemanagement

Email: info@busylizzie.ie | Web: www.busylizzie.ie

Out Now: Busy Lizzie April Corporate Newsletter

6 Apr

Read this months Busy Lizzie April corporate newsletter, great tips on:

  • Taking regular lunch breaks
  • Work:life balance review
  • Listen again radio interviews
  • Blog postings
  • Monthly short poll
  • Prostate Cancer Institute launched at NUI Galway
  • Client of the month: Cancer Care West

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