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Go Paperless – Save Money and the Planet

20 Apr

I am not a fan of paper, never have been.

For me it has always been computers, and now a lot of people have cottoned onto the fact that lots of paper means money, lost space and environmental impacts.

Busy Lizzie works with a lot of medical consultants, GPs and solicitors and as you can imagine they use a lot of paper, or so I used to think. 6 years ago I worked with a consultant that had just come back from working in the UK. Before I worked with him, I had never seen a paper free medical office. All faxes, letters and communications were scanned onto the patients profile, all dictations was digital and transcribed (letters were printed, but a lot were emailed) and back ups were taken each night. Now setting something like this up does take time and money, but you have to think of the long-term outcomes. There was more room in the suite, to take on more consultants, brining in more money. Printing costs were very low, and the cartridges were also refilled, again saving money and the planet.

What small changes can you make in your office?

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How to minimise risk during spring clean

5 Apr

A great article from Irish Independent 04.04.2011

Weekend Project! – Spring Clean the Home Office!

26 Mar

Spring is here, and we all want to start going out of doors! But hold on, we need to make sure we’re organised first!

Here’s a few tips to make sure we leave the home/small business office ready for Monday morning.

  1. Declutter! Put the bin close to your desk and shelves and toss the empty cups, pens that don’t work, and other rubbish. Take another container and toss in all the paper you can recycle.  Get rid or put away items that belong somewhere else. Don’t get sidetracked!
  2. No matter how paperless you’ve tried to become, filing is till a necessary burden. Grab a pile and file away.
  3. Wipe down every surface you have now cleaned off with a pleasant smelling cleaner.
  4. NOW when you go outside, don’t forget to pick some pretty flowers to place in a vase on your newly freshened work surface!

Enjoy the weekend!

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