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5 Simple Ways to Improve your Digital Photo Collection

21 Jun

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A chaotic photo collection can lead to misplacing those memorable photographs that are worth a thousand words. With the quick changing technology and ever so often updates that go along with digital photography, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. Here are five simple ways to take your personal digital photo collection from a mess to a beautifully organised display.

First thing is first – Get everything in one spot. Without even realising it, your photos are probably cluttered all over your life. From your phone, to your camera, to your computer, the first step in organising your photos is to download them all onto your computer. If your photos are dispersed in all different locations, it’ll be impossible to know what is where.

Get Organised – Once you have all your pictures on your computer, it’s important that you organise them into different categories such as special events, vacations, places or people. This can be done various ways either through creating folders on your desktop or organising them in your iPhoto library. This will help you instantly be able to go back and relive any memory through your pictures in just seconds.

Make them look professional – Wouldn’t you like it if your pictures were all taken by a professional photographer? The thing is you can easily make it look like this is the case by making a few simple edits to your pictures. The key is to play around and experiment. Try the enhance button or mess around with the contrast. Nothing is permanent and it’s fun to try!

Get Creative – There are a million different creative ideas of what you can do with your pictures. Try scrapbooking, create a photo wall in your house or craft a collage as a gift for a friend. A photograph is such a personal gift that anyone would be thrilled to receive. The possibilities are endless once your pictures are organised and edited to perfection.

Show them off – Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words but this is only true if they are on display for people to see. Show them off! Everyone loves looking at pictures. Hang them up all over your house or even get dig into technology a little by putting an album on a USB drive and playing a slideshow on your television or uploading them to your social media profiles such as Facebook. Photographs are one of the best ways to tell people the important memorable stories from your life. They also add instant comfort to any home. This final step will take your photo collection to an entire new level than you started with. The ways are simple and easy so get started and revolutionise your digital photo collection!

4 Ways Content Marketing Benefits Customer Service

12 Jun


Content keeps the Internet buzzing and great content is what gives brands something to discuss with their customers beyond complaints and challenges, compliments, or questions.

If you’re producing and sharing useful, engaging content, your customers will be more likely to remain customers and send you more customers.

Crafting a content marketing plan will improve your customers’ overall customer experience. How? Let’s look at four customer services benefits of a strong content marketing strategy. 


1. Stronger Customer Relationships

Great content solves customers problems, it does not push product. Customers will have a stronger relationship with your brand once they see you are honestly trying to help them tackle their everyday challenges via a steady stream of helpful content. Do more of this and less product promotions and offers.

2. Credibility  

Content such as white papers, e-books, your corporate blog, or case studies, will earn you a reputation as a thought leader in your industry. Strong content is a sign of a brand that knows its industry, product, and its audience. And by making sure your customer support teams are sharing your content, you’re providing them the same level of confidence in your product you’re hoping to ingrain in your customers.

3. Educated and Empowered Customers

Helpful content educates your customers on product features, but also helps them understand your industry better. Those empowered customers who not only understand your products, but are up to speed on the state of your industry and its topics du jour, are the ones most likely to become true brand ambassadors.  They’ll be the ones helping your own support agents solve problems on social channels and in your support communities.  They’re sharing their knowledge with other customers whenever the situation arises. Everyone likes to show off their knowledge, so help your customers be as informed as possible with useful content.

4. Fewer Customer Service Complaints and Calls

Educated, empowered customers call your contact center less. Customers who have taken advantage of your content to solve their problems on their own are not the ones driving your call volume.  It’s as simple as that. Create an FAQ page or answer common questions via your blog.






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All calls are answered in your name; you can divert your phones to us 24×7 or part off, it’s entirely up to you.

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How Important is it to be on top?

1 Jun



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31 May


5 LinkedIn Strategies for LinkedIn Marketing

31 May


LinkedIn marketing continues to pick up steam, as more and more businesses, particularly B2B businesses, realize the importance and value of creating a comprehensive strategy for one of the world’s largest social networks.

1. Be There

The first step in the process is to have a presence on LinkedIn. Company pages are fine but LinkedIn groups are the best places to get leads because you can create groups by topic or vertical and engage people. Monitoring activity allows you to see how interested people are in you and your company.

2. Raise Awareness

Implement the perpetual promotion machine, in which you re-market, re-message, and then re-target. By doing this, you reach people everywhere, appear bigger and more important, get people coming back to your content, remain number one in your potential customers’ minds and get the most of your dollars spent. LinkedIn can help by providing relevant content to an interested audience.

3. Leverage Employees

Your employees can be a great brand army. Get them on LinkedIn, actively grow their networks, and ask them to share news and content to their LinkedIn feeds. Your employees are visible, and can spend time in your groups to help foster relationships at all stages of the funnel. In particular, this is great for grabbing attention at the top of the funnel.

4. Nurture Leads

LinkedIn groups show you interacting and helping and having a positive impact on an established social community. LinkedIn positions you to be viewed as a viable choice. Contact leads via InMail. LinkedIn helps you take a cold call and make it a hot lead. But remember to act like a used car salesman, but instead to be authentic.

5. Advertise

LinkedIn advertising is still an evolving product and it is mostly used by B2B companies, targeting job titles, companies, industries and LinkedIn groups. Some of the major metrics, according to his presentation, are more costly on LinkedIn versus Facebook and Google AdWords, but it is still quite affordable. It costs just seventy-five cents to reach 1,000 people advertising on LinkedIn. LinkedIn advertising allows you to narrow your targets on a platform where many of your prospects are spending time and, perhaps most importantly, keeping their profiles up-to-date.


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5 Voicemail Tactics that Will Get You More Callbacks

27 May


Voicemails should be part of any overall contact strategy that mixes up calls, e-mails and other ways of getting your message in front of the right target prospect. If your contact strategy includes quality and relevant messaging each time then this increases the chances of someone responding. The question isn’t whether or not to leave voicemails, it’s how do you leave good voicemails?  Here are 5 tactics to think about:

1. Don’t start with your name first

Every voicemail starts off exactly the same way: “Hi, this is John Barrows with XYZ company…”  The problem with this approach is that the majority of our voicemails get deleted right after this because the client either knows your company and therefore has a certain assumption about what you do or they don’t know your company and therefore probably don’t care. Start off your voicemails with “Hi Bill, the reason for my call today is…”  and then add in some sort of short value prop that focuses on getting their attention. The goal is to get them to pay attention to the value you bring instead of some preconceived notion of what you do. Then back it up at the end with “please call me back at 555-555-5555. This is John Barrows with XYZ company. 555-555-5555.” This is brutal to get used to but it works.

2. Keep them under 30 seconds

Anything over 30 seconds and it sounds like you’re trying to sell – and you fundamentally can’t sell your solutions in a voicemail. To practice, leave yourself a voicemail and time it to see how long it takes. Notice that by taking the approach outlined in point #1 you end up getting to the point a lot faster instead of wasting 5-10 seconds with your intro of who you are and where you are calling from.

3. Don’t sell

Again, you fundamentally can’t sell your solution in a voicemail so stop trying. Focus on getting someone’s attention with a compelling value statement about what you’ve been able to do for other clients like them. Prospecting is about getting someone’s attention and earning their interest. It’s about selling time or the next step, it’s not about selling your solutions. Aim for getting a response of “How do you do that?” as if it was a live conversation.

4. Don’t reference failed attempts

I hate when I hear reps leaving voicemails that start like this “Hi Sarah, this is John again from XYZ company. I’ve left you a few messages and am trying to reconnect to see if you’d be interested in…”  If I didn’t care the first few times, why should I care now?  By saying this you are automatically giving me the green light to delete your voicemail before I listen to the rest of it. You should always have a different reason for your call.

5. Be different

Almost every voicemail sounds exactly the same no matter what people are selling: “Hi Bill, this is John with XYZ company. We’re the leading provider of blah blah and I would like to set up a time to discuss your needs related to blah blah and see how we can help you achieve your goals…blah blah blah blah.”  No wonder people never call back. When cold calling, leaving voicemails, sending e-mails, you should always try to stand out in some way. A few ways to be different on voicemails include: By not starting with your name first; making people laugh (with business-appropriate humor); being enthusiastic and positive; referencing some research you’ve done on their business that prompted the call. Whatever it is, just try to do something different and stand out.



BPW Innovative Business Woman of the Year 2005

Listed in Top 40 Irish Female Entrepreneurs: Image Business 2006

Listed in Top 100 Women in Business by Entrepreneur Magazine 2006 & 2007

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