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A Guide to Facebook Ads

21 Sep

5 Digital Tools to Boost Your Brand in 2012

14 Sep

Seasonal Marketing Infographic Planner

13 Sep

source: http://www.marketingsavant.com/2012/06/seasonal-marketing-infographic/

10 ways to get more view posts

12 Sep

PinAlerts: How to Register For PinAlerts.

9 Sep

PinAlerts: How to Register For PinAlerts. A Step by Step Tutorial. This is our new Pinterest tool. It’s like Google Alerts for Pinterest. You get an email whenever something gets pinned from your website.

Using Curation to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Mix

8 Sep

– Creating original content is the biggest obstacle for 73% of content marketers.
– 75% of marketers cannot justify spending the time needed to create original content for their audience.
– There are a variety of tools developed within the past 3 years that can help marketers and content curators gather the most relevant content, re-purpose it, and present it to their audience in unique ways.
– 85% of brands use content curation to establish thought leadership, and 80% say it enables them to increase brand visibility

Sources for the infographic include Forbes, eMarketer and Google. http://www.uberflip.com/blog/infographic-using-curation-to-create-the-perfect-content-marketing-mix

Tracking your social media movements

7 Sep

The sites you frequent on a daily basis are actively gathering facts about you. That’s why the jacket you’ve been coyly eyeing inconspicuously appeared in an ad on an unrelated website. Social networks are betting on a future built on a personalized web, your own Internet paradise filled with items the virtual you will likely share, pin, tweet, and like


Twitter Time Management Tips

6 Sep

Facebook 2012 …The latest on Everybody’s favorite SOCIAL NETWORK

5 Sep

6 Mind-Blowing Statistics and What They Mean for Your Marketing Strategy

5 Sep

 There are some staggering statistics about the popularity and adoption of social media. For instance, do you know that Twitter handles over 32 billion search queries a month, a volume that is higher than that of Bing and Yahoo! combined? We share this and more in our latest whitepaper, 6 Mind-Blowing Social Media Statistics and What The Mean for Your Marketing Strategy.

Source: http://blogs.awarenessnetworks.com/2012/08/09/6-mind-blowing-statistics-and-what-they-mean-for-your-marketing-strategy-infographic/?detail=ASM-50&awid=7968183657991019785

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