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Don’t Just Talk the Green – Create and it Will Grow! Part 4

31 Mar

Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses are constantly creating, brainstorming, making improvements, changes, and planning.

Going green falls right into these mindsets and helps you achieve your goals. You will feel extra proud about your business and will help inspire your customers and other growing businesses as well. Whether your strategy is baby steps like adding live plants or putting out more recycle bins or is major steps like going paperless and implementing remote working policies, everything starts out with entrepreneurial activities listed above.

By researching and encompassing more green ways to do business, you need to create new methods, discuss and plan strategies with staff, and when something doesn’t work you need to ditch it and try something else. Isn’t that what you do every day? The point here is to jump in with those same entrepreneurial skills and try everything you can to work as environmentally friendly as you can.

Financially, it means reducing costs because you are recycling and taking on new customers because you’ve been able to market your green business strategies. Your business environment is more pleasant because you’ve been brainstorming creatively with your staff and encouraging them to cut down on the commuting but increasing communication. You are lessening your environmental footprint and feeling pretty darn good about it.

Growing a business that is green is growing a better and more prosperous one.

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