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It’s All About Customer Service

15 Apr

The times they are a changin, well put Mr. Dylan.

Gone of the days of taking customers/clients/patients/guests for granted, complacency has left the building.

But there are still a lot of companies (large multinationals being the main culprits) of still under valuing their client base.

Yesterday I met a friend who told me about an incident in a local Galway restaurant who took over 15 minutes to serve her in an empty restaurant. This was after she and her friend had finished their gossiping session, and probably feeling the glares from my friend in the back of her head. Now my friend told me, I am telling you (but with no names mentioned!), she herself has told at least 25 other people in work, who would normally go there for their coffee break too. So very quickly these two waitresses have managed to lose not only one but more loyal customers.

I do not agree with the term that the client is always right, as there are situations where obviously this is not the case. But heavens above, are things not bad enough with footfall, turnover, increasing rates etc. to add to the melting pot.

It really does not take much, a smile, thank you when people come into your premises (on or offline), buy something, or simply ask a question.

Thank you really does go a long way, if you did not read my article on handwritten cards, it covers off a simple process to add to your marketing/customer service mix.

I hworked London and America for GAP and Marks and Spencer, and the processes that these players have in place are amazing, but the skills that I learnt from them stand the test of time.

Crowdsourcing method to solve complex problems

1 Apr

Crowdsourcing is the new method for businesses to solve complex problems, perform momentous tasks, and gather/analyze large amounts of data.

Businesses are getting assistance with achieving their goals by putting out on the Internet an open call for responses to a question.  They potentially receive tremendous  mass collaboration, ideas, and creativity. Due to the technical advances allowing Internet access from even the remotest parts of the world, businesses can reach rich sources of information far beyond the boundaries of their own employees.

Crowdsourcing as a term, was first coined by Jeff Howe in Wired Magazine in June 2006  . The use of  Crowdsourcing has risen rapidly because of its obvious advantages as a source of quick solutions and wide range of talent, and it is inexpensive. Additionally, companies can broadcast out to a wide range of potentially very loyal customers who have been given the opportunity of contribution and collaboration.

However, it has vetting some criticisms that its older sister, outsourcing, has not. First, outsourcing is assigning a project or assignment to specific, identified group or individual outside one’s own environment. With crowdsourcing the targets are unspecified, open, and public. So, quality is questionable, and the fear of exploiting cheap or free labour is valid. These criticisms have led to the introduction of “brokers” to manage the traffic of communication back and forth.  Discrete work to individuals, rather than an open call, are brokered through such sites as CloudCrowd and CrowdFlower.

You might have been “crowdsourcing” without even knowing you were participating in a hot, new trend.  The rule for crowdsourcing is the same as with every fast advancing communication – use it wisely and use it kindly.

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