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Busy Lizzie Guest Bloggers with Philip Hodgkinson of Workspace: ‘Working From Home Vs Working In an Office.’

10 Apr


One of the biggest debates for any freelancer looking to branch out on their own is whether to work from home or from within a dedicated office. There are naturally pros and cons for both options and it is therefore important to evaluate these before you start working remotely for yourself as a self-employed professional.

As more of us appear to be earning at least part of our monthly salaries as a freelancer, finding the best working environment that encourages you to be productive is vitally important. Here are the advantages of both sides of the self- employment coin, as well as our own concluding thoughts.

Pros of working from home

Better use of time

Undoubtedly when you work from an office there is very often a decent chunk of your day taken up by travelling to and from work, as well as coffee and lunch breaks that can add up to two to three hours of a working day. By working from home you can get down to business at a time that suits you without having to leave the comfort of your own study.

Low overheads

Are you a start-up freelancer that is looking to keep their overheads low in the initial stages of finding work? If you have a number of expenses that you have to fork out on a monthly basis just to survive it makes sense to save on the additional cost of fuel or public transport and work clothes you invariably have to buy to maintain your professional image.

Reduced stress

As well as wasting large parts of your day travelling to and from work, by working from home you will also avoid the undue stress that comes from being stuck in traffic or having to negotiate busy train or bus stations.


If you choose to work from home – or telecommute as it is otherwise known – then you have the freedom to dictate where and when you work, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a coffee shop, library, or even your own living room you have the flexibility to connect and get down to business wherever you like.

Pros of working in an office

Learning experience

As a freelancer you may choose to obtain a membership to a co-working space or rent a small serviced office to use as your place of work. This can be a very useful learning experience, particularly in a co-working space, as you will be working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. It is always great to chat to fellow professionals about your work to bounce around ideas and solve problems.


Working from home can be a very lonely, insular way to earn a living. If you work in a shared office with people that have similar interests it is likely you will develop new social friendships, while forging potential working relationships.


Although it is possible to set up your home office just how you like it you may be able to gain access to a similar level of amenities as a member of a co-working hub or within a serviced office space for a fraction of the cost. You’ll be able to take advantage of free Wi-Fi, meeting and conference rooms, printing and scanning facilities and potentially call and mail forwarding that all works to create the image of a professional business.


While it is always nice to be able to work from the comfort of your own home there is the potential to be distracted by outside influences and other issues that impact upon your productivity.

Keep in mind that productivity is the primary consideration for any freelancer – the more work you can get through at a reliable rate the better chance you have for securing recurring work. A professional co-working or serviced office space gives you all the tools you need to do your job in a professional environment, giving you the edge in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

More About Workspace

This blog was contributed to us by Workspace, the leading providers of commercial property space to let across London and the outer areas of the capital. With over 100 properties and 5.4 million sq ft of work space they provide businesses with the means to grow.


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Starting a Family Friendly Business in Ireland

19 Dec

Starting a Family Friendly Business in Ireland

Working in a company or running a business may require additional time. And for that, you need to sacrifice the hours that you must spend for your family. As you grow as an employee or a businessman, the needs of your life partner and children grows as well. Because of it, you become to think that working, while it is actually for your family, is not at all family-friendly. Though, that would not be the case if you start your own business at home.

Running a home-based business is basically just the same as getting employed or managing a regular business. The difference is you are close to your kids and there are comforts that a regular occupation is not able to bring. Though, starting a home-based enterprise is not easy at the beginning. When you are at the early stages, cash flow is slow and your profits are limited. You are your own boss, nonetheless, so you have the option to stop or to continue. Since you chose the latter, let us move on to some helpful ideas to help you get started.

First, do not believe in alluring promises you see online. Certainly, an entity that pops out, promising that you can earn as much as 8,000 Euros in just one month is too good to be true. Home-based entrepreneurs testify that these promises actually are. There are no quick fixes when it comes to earning such a huge amount, so judge accordingly.

Second is research. Reading about the market on and off line will show you what exactly the consumers need. Manufacturing a product or offering a service that nobody needs will only lead to waste. Study your market before investing your capital. Conduct a feasibility study to determine whether a product or a service has a stable market. For example, a product and a service that does not go out of being needed is food. Use the power of the internet and social media to make the public aware about your food business.

Third, consider your capital. Your financial capability will determine the magnitude of your home-based business. In line with this, think about where you would get your fund. It may be from your savings or your job separation pay. You can augment your resources by availing loans. Just inquire to your preferred insurance company or your bank if you consider this option to increase your resources.

When you have everything taken into consideration, like you have finally decided on a company name, proceed on making your business legitimate. For this step, you may ask a lawyer or your local government offices for the proper procedures. One essential step on building up a business is visiting the website of Companies Registration Office. From there you can download the application form. After completing the form, mail it to their postal address; the information is included in their website as well.

Take advantage of the free business mentoring programs that the Irish government provides. This way, you can sustain your home-based business, or better yet, make it more successful. As you see, working and earning should not take you away from your family.

Busy Lizzie provides businesses and individuals with the time they need to focus on other tasks. We have a variety of services available to make the lives of our customers easier at an affordable price. Our office is staffed with experts that range from secretarial and administrative to experienced marketing and sales professionals.

Should You Take It All With You?

20 Jul

We are taking the office and work with us on vacation more than ever. Grab your smart phone, tablets, laptops, and keep in contact with social media. Gone are the paperback books with their worn pages and bent corners; now we read e-books. The massive retailer Amazon’s core market was books, but is now concentrating on building its rapidly growing Kindle market. Amazon is currently working on a full-featured tablet, on which you can read your downloaded books, magazines, and newspapers, but also check your email and Facebook to your heart’s content. Don’t forget lying on the beach with your Mp3 player in your ear listening to lectures, self-improvement audio books, or music.

Skeptics are worried that taking our world with us when we are supposed to be escaping from it could be dangerous. Just because we are physically removed from the environment of work and career, it is still necessary to be mentally and emotionally removed as well for the small amount of holiday time that is taken. Young professionals, particularly those under 35%, say they are more relaxed knowing that they are staying connected with colleagues, able to put out fires that develop while they are away, and keeping down the work load that will be on their desks while they are away.

As for toting along our technology to our vacation spots, 78% of those young professionals in Britain claim they would never consider going without. They hit the fun spots, but then share their exploits on Twitter, Facebook, instantly uploading pictures and stories. Hotels, restaurants, and even beachfronts are desperately trying to accommodate these young techies with free Wi-Fi, plug-ins, mobile electronic centres, and tourist towns are making deals with cell phone companies faster than you can say “dial-up”.

What’s wrong with being able to instantly download the newest bestseller and listen to your “relaxation” playlist while you soak up the sun? These days we don’t have to worry about what’s happening on the job while we are away because we can go mobile. These are wondrous developments due to our innovation and creativity. Or, have we gone too far and become unbalanced? Where do you stand?

Working from Home and How to Stay Sane!

5 May

There are many benefits to telecommuting or working from home.  This is different from having a home business that you run, in that you don’t need to be concerned with marketing, sales, staff, etc. If you are an employee of a business that has work from home options and provides you with the equipment and software you need, there are still important considerations for both your work and your family/home life so you can avoid the common pitfalls of working at home.

Whether you are sewing, doing data input, making phone calls, or preparing corporate taxes, it is essential that you are able to work without distractions and concentrate on what you are doing. Make sure your family, particularly if you have young children, understand that whatever area you have designated as your work space is unavailable during your working hours. It is essential that everyone in the household understands and respects your goals.  Also, helpful is having a regular schedule of “business” hours so that everyone becomes accustomed to the schedule.

As important as being left alone to work is, it is equally important to stay in touch with the outside world and your colleagues. Many options are available to you quite easily. Communicating online literally opens up the world to you via Internet connection. Always make sure you are available by either  home phone, business line, or mobile phone.  Depending on your schedule, set up weekly or monthly online or in-person meetings to make sure you are keeping up to date in your industry.  This will also encourage you, as lack of motivation is a frequent obstacle for telecommuters.

Working from home is not the same as being at home. Try to avoid volunteering your time or scheduling family appointments during your work hours, or your life will become cluttered and chaotic with no definitive line between work and personal time. Most workers who are also parents of young children have come to realize that an at-home-office does not save money for child care costs.  It is difficult to care for children while fulfilling job obligations. Remember, an at-home based job deserves the same attention and obligation as an in-office position does.

We want your work:life balance ideas

20 Apr

We want to know how YOU strive for balance in your work and life.

You have more meetings than hours in the day, a presentation to plan, your staff is putting in for holidays, the school is calling for you to pick up your sick child…sound familiar?

Life is stressful and rarely ever predictable, so what’s a person to do?

What are your best hints and advice for not only coping, but successful and happy?

We are putting together a list of all work:life balance ideas and will send it out in 2 weeks time.

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