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Busy Lizzie Guest Bloggers with Philip Hodgkinson of Workspace: ‘Working From Home Vs Working In an Office.’

10 Apr


One of the biggest debates for any freelancer looking to branch out on their own is whether to work from home or from within a dedicated office. There are naturally pros and cons for both options and it is therefore important to evaluate these before you start working remotely for yourself as a self-employed professional.

As more of us appear to be earning at least part of our monthly salaries as a freelancer, finding the best working environment that encourages you to be productive is vitally important. Here are the advantages of both sides of the self- employment coin, as well as our own concluding thoughts.

Pros of working from home

Better use of time

Undoubtedly when you work from an office there is very often a decent chunk of your day taken up by travelling to and from work, as well as coffee and lunch breaks that can add up to two to three hours of a working day. By working from home you can get down to business at a time that suits you without having to leave the comfort of your own study.

Low overheads

Are you a start-up freelancer that is looking to keep their overheads low in the initial stages of finding work? If you have a number of expenses that you have to fork out on a monthly basis just to survive it makes sense to save on the additional cost of fuel or public transport and work clothes you invariably have to buy to maintain your professional image.

Reduced stress

As well as wasting large parts of your day travelling to and from work, by working from home you will also avoid the undue stress that comes from being stuck in traffic or having to negotiate busy train or bus stations.


If you choose to work from home – or telecommute as it is otherwise known – then you have the freedom to dictate where and when you work, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a coffee shop, library, or even your own living room you have the flexibility to connect and get down to business wherever you like.

Pros of working in an office

Learning experience

As a freelancer you may choose to obtain a membership to a co-working space or rent a small serviced office to use as your place of work. This can be a very useful learning experience, particularly in a co-working space, as you will be working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. It is always great to chat to fellow professionals about your work to bounce around ideas and solve problems.


Working from home can be a very lonely, insular way to earn a living. If you work in a shared office with people that have similar interests it is likely you will develop new social friendships, while forging potential working relationships.


Although it is possible to set up your home office just how you like it you may be able to gain access to a similar level of amenities as a member of a co-working hub or within a serviced office space for a fraction of the cost. You’ll be able to take advantage of free Wi-Fi, meeting and conference rooms, printing and scanning facilities and potentially call and mail forwarding that all works to create the image of a professional business.


While it is always nice to be able to work from the comfort of your own home there is the potential to be distracted by outside influences and other issues that impact upon your productivity.

Keep in mind that productivity is the primary consideration for any freelancer – the more work you can get through at a reliable rate the better chance you have for securing recurring work. A professional co-working or serviced office space gives you all the tools you need to do your job in a professional environment, giving you the edge in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

More About Workspace

This blog was contributed to us by Workspace, the leading providers of commercial property space to let across London and the outer areas of the capital. With over 100 properties and 5.4 million sq ft of work space they provide businesses with the means to grow.


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Pinterest Contest: Busy Lizzie Time Saving Dreams

2 Aug

 Pinterest Contest: Busy Lizzie Time Saving Dreams

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  3. Under each pin, include the hashtags: @BusyLizziework and # Time Saving Dreams board
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Read Your Way to Success

23 Jan

Did you know that your ideas and thoughts are capable of shaping your reality? Everything that goes inside your mind will be serving as a path for your present and for the future. Reading will expose your mind to unlimited knowledge ideas that you’ve never thought of before. There are tonnes of books that are written with purpose of helping people in their life including their career managing business.

You: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
With this book, I feel asking questions about defining “effective.” Has anyone already created scientific studies about successful people after which tried in correlating their attributes? And yet again comes another task of defining successful.

In fact, it is very logical that you can be effective by initiating something. Well, if you stay as a cog within the machine that runs your life then of course, that is not starting anything but just only playing the role. It is the time to set up a goal that speaks the language of responsibility. Such book is very good in including all the materials that will enhance affirmation and visualisation of people in improving their performance in a corporation. People reading such book will gain knowledge on the concise sales and marketing methods that applies to every business people.

Strategy: Good to Great by Jim Collins
Another book created using feedback and statistics that attempt to comprehend and identify all the common denominators when it comes to behaviours separating a great company from a good company. Several people have made studies that even Collins himself was surprisingly shocked of the results. The book states the belief that any organisation has the ability to improve and succeed. Jim Collins writes for people who want to improve in managing their business with the concepts and knowledge needed.

Sales and Marketing: Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith
The book covers a lot of field when it comes to business. To address the challenges of people when it comes to business, Harry Beckwith has written a book to provide the strategies that covers different grounds of business. The book talks about improving bad service instead of losing hope, asking and gathering information about your standards, industry and clients, creating all the possible and efficient service needed in your business, identifying marketing acts, improving your relationship with people and selling the perfect service, satisfying your clients, becoming a professional in your field of business and more.

Entrepreneurship: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
This book explains and relates how and why business fails and how to improve it. Michael wrote the book arguing about three personalities required in running a successful business. Such personalities are essential and play different roles in different agendas. Entrepreneur, technician and a manager are important in making the business organised and running to success. He believes that these three personalities are capable of working together in making the business in shape and well balance.

Services Offered for Small and Medium Enterprises

10 Oct

Do you need an extra hand or an additional assistant for your business? Are you in need of services which offers an affordable price to make your lives easier? Busy Lizzie can help you since they provide businesses and individuals with the time they need to focus on their tasks at work. Operating since 2004, Busy Lizzie will celebrate their seven years in business this October.

Busy Lizzie, which is part of the now popular outsourcing venture, offers a whole lot of services that can help small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Example of services they offer are Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA), secretarial service, print/web design, e-marketing, bookkeeping service, corporate concierge, and medical transcription. The Virtual Personal Assistant (Virtual PA) can help run businesses in a scheduled basis. Their role is to inform you of your daily appointments, make travel arrangements, keep track of finances, and keep the business running smoothly. This service is perfect for business professionals who need to keep on top of their agenda. The secretarial service is someone who can answer the calls, send e-mails, and provide customer service. Busy Lizzie offers a virtual secretary to get things done for you. Print/Web Design helps with providing design and layout for business website, business cards, and posters.

E-marketing is responsible for customising e-newsletters and e-shots for your target market. E-newsletter marketing is important so that you will know which one the people like best. Bookkeeping service helps in keeping track of revenues and expenses, submits VAT returns, and look after weekly and monthly payroll.

Corporate concierge service helps in doing errands like picking up mail and documents and dropping off dry cleaning. Medical transcription service can help provide transcriptions for medical legal reports, medical consultant letters, Educational interview verbatim scripts from video, mp3, tape and audio files, and Masters, under graduate and PHD projects.

With Busy Lizzie’s impressive list of services, you can have more quality time and productive days. To know more about Busy Lizzie services, visit their website

Dialogue Marketing

14 Sep


Dialogue marketing refers to the strategies exerted by companies to keep a constant and lasting interaction with their customers, partners and business allies. An excellent example of this is when marketing companies make use of relevant data to target different groups of customers that are ideal prospects in buying their products or services. The commitment of companies is very valuable to both the consumers and the companies involved. As data is gathered and collected, companies make efficient use of these to provide the best products and services to their target consumers. When consumers share their opinions, reviews, and preferences, they will receive bonuses and perks such as free product trials, discounts and a message of appreciation from the providing company.

For effective dialogue marketing, businesses and companies should have a complete understanding of their distinct values and how it affects their target consumers. Aside from focusing on their target consumers, they should also continue to innovate themselves and attract new prospects. Companies and businesses should be able to come up with new and innovative ideas to deliver their messages to the consumers. In return, customers will continue to connect with companies and patronise their products or services. An important aspect of dialogue marketing is measurement. With this, businesses and companies can keep track of their sales, and take note on whether they have reached or failed their target goals. This will also result to developing different strategies to maintain and improve the quality of their products or services.

Increase of Use

Together with the recent advancements in technology, companies and businesses are making use of different media such as the web, social networking sites, and other advertising strategies to communicate and engage with consumers. With this, referrals and brand royalty can easily be implemented.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to being cost effective dialogue marketing, there are many available options that will allow companies to communicate with consumers. There are many kinds of software that can be used to generate the desired output in engaging with consumers both online and offline.

On the other hand, if a company does not acquire professional services for implementing dialogue marketing, it can be a waste of time and financial resources when one is not knowledgeable in selecting the right kind of tools and implementing these to achieve the desired output.

Available Software

With the rise of business outsourcing, Co-Browsing is one of the most popular software being used by companies. This allows customer care experts to interact with their clients easily as they can view their screens in a real-time format. With this, help and support can be offered immediately. Assisting customers can now be done more conveniently and effectively.

Another kind of software that is used for dialogue marketing is called Voice Biometrics. With this, the identity of a customer can be authorised easily, and is more reliable than any other authentication process. Other software includes video biometrics, mobile and web based applications and many others.

Implementation in Companies

Once a business or company has established an understanding of their core values and have determined their target consumers, they will now be able to deliver their messages and assess its efficacy with various types of customers. Depending on the type of product or service, the effectiveness of their strategy can be determined in many ways.

Busy Lizzie provides advice on all types of back office outsourcing solutions, including quality social media services.

Tel: 00.353.(0)1 514 3401|Skype: busylizzielifestylemanagement

Email: | Web:

Help Your Employees Get Organised – Some Tips and Guidelines to Follow

1 Sep

When it comes to the different types of employees that exist in this world, it is not surprising to take note that there are actually only two types of them – those who are well-organised because they simply crave for such  characteristics and structures, and those employees who simply love working or living in the world of the disorganised.

But it is however amazing to note here that even disorganised people still has the ways to find what they are looking for no matter how chaotic their situations seem to be. Seeing these people who way makes you think that they simply follow a “system” which can only be understood by them alone.

Organisation – A Matter of Degree

Successful organisation is generally defined as spending the smallest or lease amount of time that is required to come up with the most organisation to perform the job quickly and more efficiently. Organisation in the workplace is a matter of proper task delegation to the appropriate manpower. Problems occur in the absence of organisation. Hence, if this factor is missing then the operation seems to be chaotic that even employee personal issues would come in. An organised structure can be handled well by The presence of back support office can promote an organised working environment.

So how will you ever know if your employee needs your support and assistance particularly in the aspect of getting himself organised? Below are some pointers and guidelines you should know to help you detect whether or not your employee needs to have help from you to get his life organised:

  • It takes a longer period of time (seems like forever) for an employee to remember the things you have asked him.
  • They are usually late when attending meetings at the office and they usually fail to present a report or information once they are already there.
  • Easily gets frustrated with small things within the workplace.

If these signs are evident to your employee then there should be immediate things that should be done to help them. Also included are some useful tips and guidelines to help you maintain a good and conducive working environment for you and your employees as well.

  • Let your employees know how well you really like working in an organised workplace.
  • Let them know the kind of “system” you wish to establish inside the workplace; this will make them adjust their selves of your so-called systems from theirs.
  • Managers should be given the tips and pointers on how to relay things concerning to the workplace structures to the employees.
  • Let the employees know when and where important papers should be documented and stored.
  • Tell them when do you want your mails.
  • Tell them of small details you want; for example, is if preferable for you to have simple emails or have those messages and documents printed.
  • Everyone in the office should also inform you the locations of the important things needed in the workplace no matter how big or small they are.
  • Being an employer, you should help your employee the ways on how they can identify the organisation structures or systems of their friends.
  • Set up an organisation structure which may prove essential for employees to follow.

Everybody in the office may his/her own organisation process but you have to understand that setting up and enforcing processes and procedures will greatly improve an organisation as everyone in the workplace will be following one basic organisation structure. Although manpower may be complete, the presence of Virtual PA can enable quality work with less expense. Outsourcing throughout Ireland for virtual personal assistant and back office support positions can be done by the experts. Let get into your office and spell what proper organisation is all about.

How to Enjoy Driving with Children

27 Jul

You’ve scheduled the vacation both with the office and the family, taken all our advice on how to go mobile with work (or NOT to let work interfere with a peaceful holiday) and are hitting road! Shortly into the trip you wish you were once again holed up in your cubicle because the kids are
driving you crazy! Busy Lizzie has gathered some tidbits to calm you down and keep you from cutting your trip short!


  1. Prepare a checklist just for the journey in the car.
  2. Plan out rest stops if possible so you can tell complaining kids how much longer till the next stop.
  3. Give yourself plenty of extra time! Kids will get cranky if rushed and will need more potty and stretching stops than you think.


1. Make sure children are in the proper safety seats and are wearing comfortable clothes.

2. Bag up travel-safety activity “tools” like washable, round pointed crayons, fabric books, soft dolls and stuffed animals.

3. On every break, get rid of rubbish and clear the clutter to help keep everyone fresh and happy.

4. No matter how much you enjoy the quiet, don’t stuff kids with snacks and drinks, particularly young children that could choke, get car sick, and spill.


  1. Videos will occupy children of any age. Older children can wear earphones, but with younger children you might have to hear the same music and dialogue over and over…and over again!
  2. Nothing calls for smiles and laughs like singing and telling stories – timeless, always a hit, and pulls kids away from all those electronic handhelds and mobile phones (but these items sure are handy when all else fails!).
  3. There are lots of online sites that offer activity worksheets and colouring pages like and
  4. If there is an adult or older child that can read while in a moving car (many people get motion sickness while in the car), that person can read a book to everyone. Try composing a story together.
  5. Don’t forget a deck of cards and pamphlets about the location to where you are traveling!
  6. Let older kids monitor the GPS or mark off a map as your trip progresses.


  1. Everybody grabs something when they get out of the car.
  2. Cheer and take a deep breath! You made it!

Should You Take It All With You?

20 Jul

We are taking the office and work with us on vacation more than ever. Grab your smart phone, tablets, laptops, and keep in contact with social media. Gone are the paperback books with their worn pages and bent corners; now we read e-books. The massive retailer Amazon’s core market was books, but is now concentrating on building its rapidly growing Kindle market. Amazon is currently working on a full-featured tablet, on which you can read your downloaded books, magazines, and newspapers, but also check your email and Facebook to your heart’s content. Don’t forget lying on the beach with your Mp3 player in your ear listening to lectures, self-improvement audio books, or music.

Skeptics are worried that taking our world with us when we are supposed to be escaping from it could be dangerous. Just because we are physically removed from the environment of work and career, it is still necessary to be mentally and emotionally removed as well for the small amount of holiday time that is taken. Young professionals, particularly those under 35%, say they are more relaxed knowing that they are staying connected with colleagues, able to put out fires that develop while they are away, and keeping down the work load that will be on their desks while they are away.

As for toting along our technology to our vacation spots, 78% of those young professionals in Britain claim they would never consider going without. They hit the fun spots, but then share their exploits on Twitter, Facebook, instantly uploading pictures and stories. Hotels, restaurants, and even beachfronts are desperately trying to accommodate these young techies with free Wi-Fi, plug-ins, mobile electronic centres, and tourist towns are making deals with cell phone companies faster than you can say “dial-up”.

What’s wrong with being able to instantly download the newest bestseller and listen to your “relaxation” playlist while you soak up the sun? These days we don’t have to worry about what’s happening on the job while we are away because we can go mobile. These are wondrous developments due to our innovation and creativity. Or, have we gone too far and become unbalanced? Where do you stand?

Stay Focused When Life Gets In The Way

7 Jun

We all get distracted from time to time. Sometimes all that is necessary is to take a deep breath and just dig in. What to do when you have to keep up with your schedule, but can’t stay focused and procrastination is winning the battle?

Work on removing unnecessary distractions. Some may be easy to move out of the way, but some may be more difficult. The obvious ones are television, video games, that good book you want to read, and unhealthy food. The ones we don’t always think about are more emotional, more abstract, but no
less (and perhaps more) distracting.

We need to clean away poor relationships, other people’s drama, and difficult tasks that we’ve been avoiding. These are certainly monumental obstacles, but they can keep you from not only sticking to your daily to-do list, but also getting that job you’ve always wanted, selling your house, writing a novel, or whatever dreams have been put on the wayside.

If you can’t manage yourself, ask a friend, relative, or professional for help.  How do you keep
focus? Have you had successes cleaning up your life so you can focus on what’s truly important to you? We’d love to know!

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6 Apr

Read this months Busy Lizzie April corporate newsletter, great tips on:

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