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4 Feb


Busy Lizzie is excited to announce that we are currently looking for a new recruit in our Galway office. This position is available through a workplacement scheme and will offer the chosen candidate the opportunity to work on a multi dimensional level in a vibrant and current company that is currently in the process of a technology expansion that will require hands-on help.

Tara Dalrymple, the founder of Busy Lizzie has been in business since 2004 and has many accolades under her belt, including:

Finalist in Network Galway Self Employed Business Women of the Year Award 2009
Finalist in The Image Magazine Young Businesswoman of the Year 2008
Listed in Top 100 Women in Business by Entrepreneur Magazine 2006 & 2007
Double Finalist Network Galway Business Women of the Year Award 2006
Listed in Top 40 Irish Female Entrepreneurs: Image Business 2006
Finalist in JCI Galway Entrepreneur Award 2006
Finalist in Midlands & West of Ireland Regional LiveWIRE
Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2005
BPW Innovative Business Woman of the Year 2005

If you are interested in joining our growing team please contact for more info.

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BPW Innovative Business Woman of the Year 2005

Listed in Top 40 Irish Female Entrepreneurs: Image Business 2006

Listed in Top 100 Women in Business by Entrepreneur Magazine 2006 & 2007

Finalist Image Magazine Young Businesswoman of the Year 2008

Busy Lizzie strives to improve our clients’ lives through our time saving services

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What are our clients saying

Read Your Way to Success

23 Jan

Did you know that your ideas and thoughts are capable of shaping your reality? Everything that goes inside your mind will be serving as a path for your present and for the future. Reading will expose your mind to unlimited knowledge ideas that you’ve never thought of before. There are tonnes of books that are written with purpose of helping people in their life including their career managing business.

You: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
With this book, I feel asking questions about defining “effective.” Has anyone already created scientific studies about successful people after which tried in correlating their attributes? And yet again comes another task of defining successful.

In fact, it is very logical that you can be effective by initiating something. Well, if you stay as a cog within the machine that runs your life then of course, that is not starting anything but just only playing the role. It is the time to set up a goal that speaks the language of responsibility. Such book is very good in including all the materials that will enhance affirmation and visualisation of people in improving their performance in a corporation. People reading such book will gain knowledge on the concise sales and marketing methods that applies to every business people.

Strategy: Good to Great by Jim Collins
Another book created using feedback and statistics that attempt to comprehend and identify all the common denominators when it comes to behaviours separating a great company from a good company. Several people have made studies that even Collins himself was surprisingly shocked of the results. The book states the belief that any organisation has the ability to improve and succeed. Jim Collins writes for people who want to improve in managing their business with the concepts and knowledge needed.

Sales and Marketing: Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith
The book covers a lot of field when it comes to business. To address the challenges of people when it comes to business, Harry Beckwith has written a book to provide the strategies that covers different grounds of business. The book talks about improving bad service instead of losing hope, asking and gathering information about your standards, industry and clients, creating all the possible and efficient service needed in your business, identifying marketing acts, improving your relationship with people and selling the perfect service, satisfying your clients, becoming a professional in your field of business and more.

Entrepreneurship: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
This book explains and relates how and why business fails and how to improve it. Michael wrote the book arguing about three personalities required in running a successful business. Such personalities are essential and play different roles in different agendas. Entrepreneur, technician and a manager are important in making the business organised and running to success. He believes that these three personalities are capable of working together in making the business in shape and well balance.

Nurturing Team Players

7 Sep

Upon seeking employment, one of the most common qualities that an applicant must have is to be a “team player”. In the work environment, an employer should make sure that the employees in the company are comfortable in working as a team member. For newly hired employees, adjusting to a new environment requires time, and fitting in with the group will lead to a productive organisation. As a team player, each employee plays an important role in achieving the goals of the company. Being a team player means that cooperation from each member is expected instead of just following orders or giving orders as a leader. It is normal that not all team members like one another, or that a particular member may not be liked by everyone. It is extremely important that personal matters should be set aside when a team is assigned a task. Each team player must be reliable to accomplish his or her duties as a part of the team. Communication and respect are two of the most important aspects of being an effective team player.

Team players are part of a business team, not a social gathering. While friendships may grow and develop among co-employees, it is important to remember that professionalism is always a top priority, especially when it comes to work-related tasks or projects. If there are conflicts between co-workers, these should not be a hindrance to the performance of the team in achieving the desired output.

As an employer, one should be able to determine which members of the team are more effective as leader, and which ones are efficient in being natural followers. Roles can be switched as well, to allow for the professional growth of team players. When assigned to be a leader, an employee should know his or limits in taking charge, so as not be labelled as being too bossy or arrogant, and in some cases, disrespectful to the supervisor. A follower, on the other hand, should also have respect towards the leader, and should communicate effectively if there are concerns regarding the task at hand.

Employers should establish within their subordinates their roles and responsibilities as a team player, and as an employee. Regardless of personal issues, an assigned task should be accomplished within the given time period. As team players, working with others with respect will lead to an effective team that can get the job done because personal matters will not hinder them from doing their tasks.

As employers, one should not ask employees to be team players. It is to be expected of them naturally. Cooperation, respect, and communication from team players will result to the achievement of goals. As long as team players are working well with each other, the goals of the company will be met, with a structured and strong team behind it.

Remember that as an employer or supervisor, one should interact with team players and show constant support. Should the members of the team need your help or assistance, they should not hesitate to approach you and discuss any concerns with you. Communicating effectively can lead to a productive team, wherein different opinions, suggestions, and concerns can be discussed in order to achieve goals and accomplish tasks that have been assigned to them.

Busy Lizzie provides advice on all types of back office outsourcing solutions, including quality social media services.

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Help Your Employees Get Organised – Some Tips and Guidelines to Follow

1 Sep

When it comes to the different types of employees that exist in this world, it is not surprising to take note that there are actually only two types of them – those who are well-organised because they simply crave for such  characteristics and structures, and those employees who simply love working or living in the world of the disorganised.

But it is however amazing to note here that even disorganised people still has the ways to find what they are looking for no matter how chaotic their situations seem to be. Seeing these people who way makes you think that they simply follow a “system” which can only be understood by them alone.

Organisation – A Matter of Degree

Successful organisation is generally defined as spending the smallest or lease amount of time that is required to come up with the most organisation to perform the job quickly and more efficiently. Organisation in the workplace is a matter of proper task delegation to the appropriate manpower. Problems occur in the absence of organisation. Hence, if this factor is missing then the operation seems to be chaotic that even employee personal issues would come in. An organised structure can be handled well by The presence of back support office can promote an organised working environment.

So how will you ever know if your employee needs your support and assistance particularly in the aspect of getting himself organised? Below are some pointers and guidelines you should know to help you detect whether or not your employee needs to have help from you to get his life organised:

  • It takes a longer period of time (seems like forever) for an employee to remember the things you have asked him.
  • They are usually late when attending meetings at the office and they usually fail to present a report or information once they are already there.
  • Easily gets frustrated with small things within the workplace.

If these signs are evident to your employee then there should be immediate things that should be done to help them. Also included are some useful tips and guidelines to help you maintain a good and conducive working environment for you and your employees as well.

  • Let your employees know how well you really like working in an organised workplace.
  • Let them know the kind of “system” you wish to establish inside the workplace; this will make them adjust their selves of your so-called systems from theirs.
  • Managers should be given the tips and pointers on how to relay things concerning to the workplace structures to the employees.
  • Let the employees know when and where important papers should be documented and stored.
  • Tell them when do you want your mails.
  • Tell them of small details you want; for example, is if preferable for you to have simple emails or have those messages and documents printed.
  • Everyone in the office should also inform you the locations of the important things needed in the workplace no matter how big or small they are.
  • Being an employer, you should help your employee the ways on how they can identify the organisation structures or systems of their friends.
  • Set up an organisation structure which may prove essential for employees to follow.

Everybody in the office may his/her own organisation process but you have to understand that setting up and enforcing processes and procedures will greatly improve an organisation as everyone in the workplace will be following one basic organisation structure. Although manpower may be complete, the presence of Virtual PA can enable quality work with less expense. Outsourcing throughout Ireland for virtual personal assistant and back office support positions can be done by the experts. Let get into your office and spell what proper organisation is all about.

SME Start-up Reminders

30 May

It goes without saying that SME start-ups should begin with a great idea, inspiration, and lots and lots…and lots of research. Many a small business has floundered because someone had wonderful enthusiasm, but once on the road lost her way. If you’ve just started your business and find yourself in this position, you are in good company. Remember, no matter how much research you do and preparation you do, mistakes will happen.

From the start, try to avoid as many errors as you can. Reach out to other business owners in your market (yes, you have to first figure out what that market is!) and ask them what mistakes they made and how they suggest you can handle them better. Don’t be shy. Most entrepreneurs value the chance to mentor. Attend trade association meetings and start networking and learning from those experienced in your trade.

Talk with potential customers before you try to sell to them. Are they the target market you consider them to be? Is the market already to swollen so there is no room for you to squeeze in? Ask questions like, “How often do you buy this product or service?” “Where…?” “How do you feel about your provider?” Find out any reasons that you may want reconfigure your plan before you invest too heavily financially.

The legal issues involved in business start-ups are crucial, but attorneys’ hourly costs can break you before you start. Do your own research, draft your own documents, and then check in with a lawyer to for guidance. The same goes for an accountant. Do as much as you can yourself and not only will it save you money, it will help you understand the business better.

Wait until you see the promise in your business before setting up an office, purchasing lots of equipment, supplies, or stock. This mistake can also knock you down before you get started.

Enthusiasm, a dream, and an excellent work ethic are all you need hang out your shingle, hand out those cards, post those Tweets; just make sure your steady on your own two feet first before you hit the road.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Intern

9 May

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Intern Hiring an intern has a lot of pros, but it may not be a win/win situation in every situation. When considering hiring an intern, you might want take the following into consideration.


  • Interns provide extra help usually at a college or higher skill level.
  • Save money.
  • Interns earn little or no pay but do expect valuable work experience.
  • Interns can bring new, fresh insight into your business.
  • Interns can be hired for specific skill area projects, rather than a general helper.
  • Interns benefit by the on-hands learning experience and earn school credit.
  • You are helping train the future colleagues in your field.


  • Hiring an intern requires the same search and interview process as hiring a full employee; as well as time must be spent training.
  • It cannot be assumed that an intern can immediately jump into an employee’s role, and an intern could become frustrated and discouraged if this assumption is made.
  • Lots of paperwork/forms/report usually accompany the intern earning credit.

In summary, hiring an intern may save you some money and definitely fulfills a specific need. It also gives a young person on-the-job training and you are servicing your community. However, if time is of the essence, this might not be the best path to follow. Keep in mind that hiring an intern needs not only benefit you, but should greatly benefit the intern as well.

Have you thought about getting an Intern?

8 Apr

Intern: A student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training.

This summer Busy Lizzie has an American student called Laura working with the team in the Galway office.  The benefits to both parties are huge. We get a recent business graduate looking to up-skill, assisting us with a wide range of projects that tend to get put on the long finger.

In return Laura will get working experience of working not only in industry, but also overseas in Europe and getting to implement the skills and knowledge she has amassed over the last 4 years at college.

There are many agencies around Ireland that provide an intern service, don’t delay google today and get your company an intern this summer, you won’t regret it.

Busy Lizzie provides advice on all types of back office outsourcing solutions, including quality social media services.

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Busy Lizzie Partnership Programme

5 Apr

At Busy Lizzie we understand that strong partnerships are essential to business success in terms of enhancing the value of products and solutions, extending the reach into new markets, and improving the ability to meet customers’ demands. Therefore, we are constantly developing strategic partnerships with leading service companies and resellers. Our most recent partnership is with Jill Holtz of , both companies came together to dually promote their beneficial services to individuals and families looking to cut back on office tasks and make the most out of their time with their families.

Other partners include La Maison Chic, Brendan Costelloe & Associates, Call Management, Those Two Girls, Hotel Express, Access Italy – Tour Guides, Safety Net, uMobilize Promotions and Design 18 to name a few.

In conjunction with making our own partnerships, the Busy Lizzie team have devised a PartnerProgramme that delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products to you on becoming our Partner. We carefully select you as Providers based on the quality and value your products and services bring to our clients.

In addition to the increased revenue potential, there are many benefits in joining the BusyLizzie Partner Programme including:

  • New market/client base
  • Increased web traffic
  • Working with a company with a proven track record

So, if you feel your company has the potential to become a Busy Lizzie partner email us today. Increase your chances of success and become a partner today.

Crowdsourcing method to solve complex problems

1 Apr

Crowdsourcing is the new method for businesses to solve complex problems, perform momentous tasks, and gather/analyze large amounts of data.

Businesses are getting assistance with achieving their goals by putting out on the Internet an open call for responses to a question.  They potentially receive tremendous  mass collaboration, ideas, and creativity. Due to the technical advances allowing Internet access from even the remotest parts of the world, businesses can reach rich sources of information far beyond the boundaries of their own employees.

Crowdsourcing as a term, was first coined by Jeff Howe in Wired Magazine in June 2006  . The use of  Crowdsourcing has risen rapidly because of its obvious advantages as a source of quick solutions and wide range of talent, and it is inexpensive. Additionally, companies can broadcast out to a wide range of potentially very loyal customers who have been given the opportunity of contribution and collaboration.

However, it has vetting some criticisms that its older sister, outsourcing, has not. First, outsourcing is assigning a project or assignment to specific, identified group or individual outside one’s own environment. With crowdsourcing the targets are unspecified, open, and public. So, quality is questionable, and the fear of exploiting cheap or free labour is valid. These criticisms have led to the introduction of “brokers” to manage the traffic of communication back and forth.  Discrete work to individuals, rather than an open call, are brokered through such sites as CloudCrowd and CrowdFlower.

You might have been “crowdsourcing” without even knowing you were participating in a hot, new trend.  The rule for crowdsourcing is the same as with every fast advancing communication – use it wisely and use it kindly.

Busy Lizzie provides advice on all types of back office outsourcing solutions, including quality social media services.

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Don’t Just Talk the Green – Create and it Will Grow! Part 4

31 Mar

Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses are constantly creating, brainstorming, making improvements, changes, and planning.

Going green falls right into these mindsets and helps you achieve your goals. You will feel extra proud about your business and will help inspire your customers and other growing businesses as well. Whether your strategy is baby steps like adding live plants or putting out more recycle bins or is major steps like going paperless and implementing remote working policies, everything starts out with entrepreneurial activities listed above.

By researching and encompassing more green ways to do business, you need to create new methods, discuss and plan strategies with staff, and when something doesn’t work you need to ditch it and try something else. Isn’t that what you do every day? The point here is to jump in with those same entrepreneurial skills and try everything you can to work as environmentally friendly as you can.

Financially, it means reducing costs because you are recycling and taking on new customers because you’ve been able to market your green business strategies. Your business environment is more pleasant because you’ve been brainstorming creatively with your staff and encouraging them to cut down on the commuting but increasing communication. You are lessening your environmental footprint and feeling pretty darn good about it.

Growing a business that is green is growing a better and more prosperous one.

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