4 Ways Content Marketing Benefits Customer Service

12 Jun


Content keeps the Internet buzzing and great content is what gives brands something to discuss with their customers beyond complaints and challenges, compliments, or questions.

If you’re producing and sharing useful, engaging content, your customers will be more likely to remain customers and send you more customers.

Crafting a content marketing plan will improve your customers’ overall customer experience. How? Let’s look at four customer services benefits of a strong content marketing strategy. 


1. Stronger Customer Relationships

Great content solves customers problems, it does not push product. Customers will have a stronger relationship with your brand once they see you are honestly trying to help them tackle their everyday challenges via a steady stream of helpful content. Do more of this and less product promotions and offers.

2. Credibility  

Content such as white papers, e-books, your corporate blog, or case studies, will earn you a reputation as a thought leader in your industry. Strong content is a sign of a brand that knows its industry, product, and its audience. And by making sure your customer support teams are sharing your content, you’re providing them the same level of confidence in your product you’re hoping to ingrain in your customers.

3. Educated and Empowered Customers

Helpful content educates your customers on product features, but also helps them understand your industry better. Those empowered customers who not only understand your products, but are up to speed on the state of your industry and its topics du jour, are the ones most likely to become true brand ambassadors.  They’ll be the ones helping your own support agents solve problems on social channels and in your support communities.  They’re sharing their knowledge with other customers whenever the situation arises. Everyone likes to show off their knowledge, so help your customers be as informed as possible with useful content.

4. Fewer Customer Service Complaints and Calls

Educated, empowered customers call your contact center less. Customers who have taken advantage of your content to solve their problems on their own are not the ones driving your call volume.  It’s as simple as that. Create an FAQ page or answer common questions via your blog.






Irish Based back office Support Services for SMEs

Busy Lizzie provides a one stop shop for back office support for SMEs around Ireland.

Busy Lizzie will you to build your foundations by providing Pay As You Go secretarial services; where you only pay for the time you need, to manage daily appointments and eMarketing; a capability that will help you reach potential customers. In essence, Busy Lizzie will support your companies entire back-office operation.

All calls are answered in your name; you can divert your phones to us 24×7 or part off, it’s entirely up to you.

Our services include:

1. Corporate Telephone Answering Service

2. Mailing Address

3. Provision of local numbers, (091-021-01) and also free phone and 1890 numbers

For a monthly fee you will receive:


  1. Dedicated Phone Answering Service
  2. Email and text message with all call details
  3. Urgent calls flagged by voice transfer
  4. Access to all messages on line via secure website

To avail of these services for your own business please visit Busy Lizzie at www.busylizzie.ie, phone (0)1 514 3401, or e-mail directly hello@busylizzie.ie.



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