Do’s, Don’ts & Marketing Etiquette of Community Managers

15 May


I have spoken before about the importance of an ambassador for your social media as a brand and with the role, comes a certain amount of responsibility. Social Media has become one of the biggest platforms for customer service and with it comes it’s own set of rules.

The core of any good social customer strategy is conveying to customers they have been heard and you are doing something about the issue. A combination of speed, accuracy and impact will lead to customer satisfaction, and open opportunities down the road. Here are some very basic guidelines about how to approach your brand’s public voice.


  1. Start and join conversations
  2. Be generous and promote others
  3. Engage with experts, advocates and customers
  4. Share great content
  5. Reward your fans with special discounts and promotions
  6. Ask customers directly for their feedback about your product or service
  7. Encourage engagement by responding to the people who answer



  1. Use social media to ‘push’ products. Suggestions in context of service or support are fine, if carefully handled; blatant  marketing is a no-no
  2. Lose focus: be present, responsive and consistent
  3. Be defensive. Respond with respect and let the customer know you’re listening and understand.
  4. Respond too quickly. Listen first and then decide if a response is warranted. Figure out if this is a loyal customer or a detractor of your brand


Manners and Etiquette

  1. Listen first, talk second
  2. Be yourself, this is a conversation
  3. Show and expect respect
  4. Never use bad language
  5. Apologise with sincerity
  6. Be polite; follow normal social norms, just like offline
  7. Identify yourself as an employee, do not make anonymous recommendations on behalf of your company

Remember with great power comes great responsibility….

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