Top 5 Priorities for Any One Man Marketing Team

9 Apr

one man

  1. Set strategic & measurable marketing goals

Before you start posting blog posts, sending emails or scheduling tweets, you’ll find you’re more effective in the future if you’ve properly set goals for your marketing. Think of your marketing like a road trip — you wouldn’t start driving until you’ve found your destination, and mapped out the most effective route to get there. In the same way, you should always make sure your activities and goals help you drive your business forward.

For example, you wouldn’t want to set a goal of converting more leads to customers if you didn’t have any visitors converting to leads in the first place — you can’t pull people through the funnel until you’ve gotten them there in the first place. Ensure the goals you set are measurable, For instance, if your goal is to increase visitor-to-lead conversion rate, think about whether you have the tools in place to measure whether you’re doing that.

2. Establish exactly who your audience is

With only so much time in the day to devote to marketing, you want to make sure that every piece of content you produce — whether an e-book, landing page, blog post, or email — is on-target and effective. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to spend a ton of time creating content that falls on deaf ears?

If you’re not familiar with buyer personas, they’re models for what your ideal customers are like. You can have one persona, five personas, whatever – as many as you need to bucket your target customers. A persona includes information such as what sort of person they are (education, income level, or job, for example) as well as what’s important to them (saving time or money, for example.)

3. Focus on the Right Social Media Platforms

It’s tempting to try to be on all of the social media platforms because everyone else is doing it, and it feels like that’s what good marketers do. Fortunately for you, they are most definitely wrong. Instead of wasting your time engaging on social networks that won’t help you achieve your SMART goals, strategically choose one or two platforms to be on and knock them out of the park. To find out which social networks you should spend your time on, check out your analytics. In your sources report Identify which social networks are already sending you the most traffic, and then capitalize on them.

4. Schedule out Social Media Updates

Instead of freaking out every day trying to find something amazing to post to social media, sit down once a week to think of all of the subsequent week’s social media content. While you may have a couple things come up that warrant posting – like breaking industry news, for example – bucketing your time like this will make you more efficient.

5. Set up a Few Automatic Workflows and let Them Work Their Magic

A little bit goes a long way with automatic workflows. Like dominoes, automated workflows set a process in motion after people complete certain tasks or exhibit a certain behavior on your website, blog, social media accounts, or email. For example, you could set up an automated workflow for people who sign up for your blog — any time someone subscribes, they are automatically sent an email welcoming them, and maybe also asking them to connect with you on social media.

Automated workflows are a great tool to help pull people through your marketing funnel with minimal work on your part. With a simple workflow, there’s hardly any legwork you need to do besides set it up, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your business’ needs. Like scheduling your social media updates, having automated workflows will put your marketing to work for you while you’re checking off other items on your to-do list.


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