10 Ways in Which an E-Zine can help You and Your Business.

19 Mar

e-newletter1. Turn one-time sales into long-term paying customers, and create mutually beneficial relationships.
2.  Inform your customers about new products and services while being seen as a specialist in your field.
3.  Have advertisers pay to be included in your e-zine content. Or make affiliate commissions by recommending useful products.
4.  Have your e-zine content circulated around the Internet, and picked up by other web sites who eagerly distribute it for free.
5.  Bypass the invisible sales barrier that comes along with traditional interruptive advertising.
6.  You can increase your lead generation and provide an efficient way to highlight your full range of products and services.
7.  You can easily determine what your customers want by opening up a two-way dialogue through your e-zine.
8.  By delivering a powerful message you can create a viral effect that enables you to benefit from word-of-mouth.
9.  Use your e-zine to determine exactly what your customers want and then give it to them.
10.  Save in advertising costs by running an e-zine that is engaging, and is sought out.



Busy Lizzie can help you reach your full marketing potential with a customised e-newsletter.


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Busy Lizzie can help you reach your full marketing potential with a customised e-newsletter


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