Work:Life Balance Day!

1 Mar


Work:Life Balance Day is TODAY!


Work:life balance is a term we all know, but one that only a handful of us actually implement and push towards. The commercial argument for work:life balance is as compelling as the holistic one.


When was the last time you took a proper lunch break? According to Datamonitor the average worker skips 24 minutes of his/her lunch break each day, the equivalent of approximately 2 weeks additional holiday per year. According to Tara Dalrymple, Director of Busy Lizzie Lifestyle Management [], working long hours, over a long period of time can be detrimental to health. ‘Working 12-hour days and missing breaks can actually lower work productivity. It can also affect our relationships with colleagues and people outside of work.’


A report by the Small Firms Association has shown that small businesses in Ireland lose on average €550 million a year through absenteeism. So it’s hardly surprising that the mention of the phrase ‘work:life balance’ is now causing employers to sit up and take notice. Dalrymple says there is a strong business case for the adoption of work:life practices: ‘Large companies are taking the concept of work:life balance more seriously at a strategic level. They know it’s important for attracting and retaining talent on a long-term basis. Young graduates are now using flexible working as a bargaining tool. Everybody can benefit from a better work:life balance. More flexible working boosts staff morale, improves employees’ commitment to their work and benefits business through higher productivity.’


So perhaps it’s time to reflect on your own work:life balance. If you’re working so late you’re on first-name terms with the cleaners, it’s clearly time to get talking to your line manager or human resources about that masters degree you’ve always thought about, or that teaching job in South America you’ve dreamt about for so long. Because life is all about balance, and you want to be sure you are achieving yours.


These work:life balance programs are an excellent resource for recruitment, retention in addition the benefit is also proving to increase employee focus, reduce absenteeism, relieve stress and extend a level of order and management between career and home. Work:life balance programs communicate a company’s concern for employee well-being and offer assistance for lifestyle management.
The work:life program is typically set up as a membership based on number of employees with variables such as a tailored list of available services, the method of offering services to employees, and hours per month with a specific day of the week for the company and services completed during normal business hours. Services may be offered at no cost or at a reduced cost to the employees depending on the company’s preference. “Outsourcing for balance is becoming more and more popular,” said Dalrymple. “On the work front there are projects, deadlines, meetings and professional functions to attend. On the home front there is grocery shopping, dinner, kids’ school functions and sporting events, volunteerism, the need to be home for repairmen and the list goes on”.
About Busy Lizzie Lifestyle Management

Busy management and personal assistant service operating in Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Galway and Wicklow that exists for the sole purpose of helping clients to lead more fulfilling lives.


Through their services, they enable their clients to enjoy newfound freedom by reducing the amount of time they spend performing time-consuming tasks. They strive to ensure that their clients have the opportunity to spend more time with their family, friends and on hobbies and passions.




Phone: 091 399950

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