Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

15 Feb


1. They are all business. Your Virtual Assistant (VA) will support your needs, not the other way around. Since they bill their hours for the work they accomplish – you are not paying for personal phone calls, late arrivals, childcare crises, or sick time.

2. You’re in control. Your working relationship is based upon a contractual agreement whereby you state in no uncertain terms what you expect. Or, you can entirely defer to your Virtual Assistant’s expertise and focus your energy elsewhere.

3. Professional rapport. Your Virtual Assistant will market their services, prospect for clients, and provide a service just like you do. It’s a great way to add to your network base, as they may have found ways to solve problems you never even thought of. Often they have their own network of resources that they utilise for printing, document processing and promotion. Tapping into their resources doubles your own.

4. Pride in their work. If you are hiring a VA for tasks such as web design, you can easily preview their work. Often the VA service will place testimonials on their site or examples of web pages they have designed. Examine their portfolio pages to determine the depth of their skills and experience.

5. Virtual freedom. No on-site employees means no liability, no payroll taxes to calculate. Everyone is an independent contractor. You can utilise a virtual assistant for either ongoing work or on a per-project basis.

6. No strangers in the house. If you have a home office, hiring employees to work on-site could be intrusive. If you have children at home, or a spouse who works odd hours, or you just don’t care to open up your private space to others, a virtual assistant is ideal. Most likely, your VA will never darken your doorstep.

When you hire your Virtual Assistant, be sure to ask them to furnish a detailed list of the types of services for which you will be billed. Some VA’s will charge to accept your phone calls, read your email instructions, or the time it takes to download a file. There should be no surprises if you have good communication with your VA. Remember, you cannot see your potential VA to evaluate their credibility, nor they you. Consider several exploratory conversations prior to signing on the dotted line. This will ensure that you and your Virtual Assistant will have a productive partnership.

To learn how a Busy Lizzie VA will work in your business, email and web

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