Do Your Own Company PR

11 Feb


Articles are a great way to build up your credibility – especially if you’re a service based business – and here are five things you need to know about using articles as part of your PR campaign.

1. Don’t even think about writing the articles first. Always contact your target publications before hand to “sell the article” in as they want a completely different style or angle. And you don’t get discouraged because you’ve spent two weeks writing this thing no one wants. You approach publications with a synopsis of your idea, plus give them an example of your writing style, as well as any relevant qualifications which means that you’re the best person to write the article.
2. Despite the kudos of writing for traditional printed publications it may be easier and more effective marketing wise to focus your attention on online destinations for your work. Many websites have a problem getting hold of good content which makes your job easier from the start, plus people can easily click through to your own site, instead of having to remember your name and web address.
3. Having good photos to go with an article can mean that it gets more space….great for you. It also adds that slightly more professional look too.

4. Don’t, whatever you do, write about more than one thing under one name. You may have more than one business but setting yourself up as an expert on too many things just makes you look like a dilettante (hope I’ve spelt that right!). Just use a different name!
5. Recycle. Tweak articles to make press releases and then use them in your newsletter, break them down to go out as tips to the press and use them on your own website too. Why do all that work and not eek every last crumb you can out of it!!!?

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