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4 Dec



So the day has finally arrived when Pinterest graduates from University and becomes a grown up. In the Social Media world, this means that Pinterest has now added a business page option. So instead of controlling your page the personal way, it will give a more professional feel to your page from this great social media platform. Bravo Pinterest! I have spoken regularly about Pinterest’s growing presence and how shortly it will be a force to be reckoned with. If your business has held back in creating a page because of Pinterest’s believed “fluffy” nature, now has never been a better time to join the millions of Pinterest ‘pinners’.

So the good news is that Pinterest is giving the option to create a business page or change your existing page to a business one, if your business is on the fence about how it ‘presents’ itself in the cyber world, you needn’t worry because now you can have two Pinterest pages if you wish to aim at two totally different types of customer! I also have no doubt that this change will flock a whole different kettle of fish, and why not?! Pinterest wants it audience to be everyone. Clever move Pinterest. To make way for this change, Pinterest had to change its terms of service, making it explicit that the use of the platform for commercial purposes is accepted without mentioning retail or advertising. The material difference from a revised version of the terms of service for users is a section entitled “Tools for Site Owners,” which notes that usage of Pinterest features like the “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons on third-party sites must comply with company policy and branding guidelines. It also outlines Pinterest’s prerogative to collect data: “By incorporating Site Features into your site or service, you agree that Pinterest may collect and use information from you and your users as described in our Privacy Policy.” It really is very simple and the terms of service and Pinterest have also added two new widgets which allow businesses and individuals alike to embed pins and boards to third-party sites. So in a nut shell it increases your brand and allows encourages more followers to your profile.

So why should your company convert to a business page, and the answer is simple; images are a powerful marketing tool. Images that get alot of attention, trend on this social media platform. You will get millions of extra eyes on your brand as your images go viral for free. Pinterest will feed your other social networks and blog. Plus you’ll get more email sign ups from the traffic you source from this site. Email lists are gold! You can also use Pinterest as a direct sales tool, just be creative with your ‘pins’ and you will get attention in no time! So I’m blue in the face, just join Pinterest!

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