Trends to Adopt for Your Company before the Year is Out

1 Nov

So we all have our own personal resolutions that we make in the New Year that intends to improve us beings for the better, we intend to get fitter, healthier, and tidier or we just generally strive to make ourselves a better person. Now in my case, in this late stage of 2012, I am still adjusting and trying to make those changes. Rather than give up and wait for 2013 to begin, there’s still time to turn yourself or your company around.

2012 was yet another face paced world in the life of technology. It is impossible to predict the trends for 2013 just yet because of rapid growth in this area but it is never too late to jump on the tech trends that boomed in 2012. The website TNW asked several entrepreneurs what tech trends they will be utilising in the last few months of the year and what trends will still exist and continue to grow into the coming year. So this may all be “a little too late” or as I like to think about it, “the early bird catches the first worm”, or rather fishing into what’s working and adapting it to your companies needs just in time for 2013. From the huge list of suggestions that this article highlighted, I have chosen the three tech trends that I feel carry the highest importance within the technology world and the ones where I will be applying the most weight in my position as a social media marketing assistant.

One of the first topics to be discussed was YouTube, it was felt that it isn’t being utilised enough in the way that it can bring general exposure to a company. YouTube has very old associations with mindless videos on the go that serve no other purpose than entertainment, but it has fastly grown in a powerful medium of information for the population. It’s all about quality over quantity now which was never the previous case because the aim of the game was to keep you entertained for a maximum of one minute.

So last year content was king, but not so anymore, I think the general public wanted something a little easier on the eyes and along came the spurt of visual social media. Apparently Pinterest is the social media site to watch and sites like the beautiful Etsy are dominating Pinterest in terms of direct sales. If your company is big on product sales, this is where you need to be!

And last but certainly not least, the new age of the internet is Mobile. The statistics are phenomenal for the growth of mobile internet. It’s changing the landscape of web development, design, apps, business and everything in between. You can’t ignore mobile and yet most of the internet isn’t optimised for its use. It will come a time where new publications and websites will focus on mobile first and the web will come second, so do your company a favour and make your website mobile friendly.

So remember it is never too late to become part of the ever changing tech trend world. Start now and watch your company’s reach optimise for the greater good. Chances are you will see dramatic changes before the year is out and you can jump again with whatever 2013 brings!

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