Pinterest vs Facebook

25 Oct

Visual content has become one of the most desirable types of content — because it’s so frigging  easy to consume. But it’s not enough to just create beautiful, funny, engaging visual content … marketers are now wondering where the best place to promote that visual content is.

Every social media site nowadays allows you to post visuals but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your visuals are being exploited through the best medium, especially if you are using said visual to promote/sell a product. Previously if I was to think of the best social media site for visual content promotion, it would be Pinterest hands down. In a poll carried out by HubSpot, 21% of users bought a product after seeing it on Pinterest, this is a good figure, proving the power of the image.

Recently Facebook launched a little something called ‘Collections’, which is a Pinterest-style feature that allows users to add products to a wishlist or curate them into a particular list. Sounds kind of like Pinterest, doesn’t it? So the debate begins- Facebook or Pinterest.

So if we were to consider the audience factor, Facebook would win hands down, I have already reviewed the ins-and-outs of Pinterest and although it is growing rapidly in users, the demographic of audience still remains a majority in the female viewership, spanning early 20’s to mid 40’s. This is perfect if this is your target audience, but the statistic remains that 98% of people on Pinterest also owns a Facebook account. So if Pinterest is so targeted, wouldn’t it then be better for your diverse visual content to be on Facebook, where it can be seen by more people … and a wider variety of people? That way if you post something more data-driven, or perhaps targeted to a male audience, you’d see greater success. And even if you posted something that would do well on Pinterest, most of those users are likely already using Facebook! So you’ll still reach them. Sorry Pinterest…….

Personally I love infographics, I think they are a fast, condensed, and fun use of information to feast the eyes on. They do exactly what they say on the tin. Content creators everywhere are finding ways to create and share infographics to help increase their reach and generate leads. One way to accelerate that reach is by sharing these infographics on social media. Pinterest wins this battle hands down. Posting infographics to Facebook does them no justice as it only favours nice square images rather than the vertical images, basically your infographic ends up looking like a hot mess…

Facebook does however get their own back through the amount of likes, comments and shares that photos receive when posted. On Facebook, however, content that is interacted with via likes, comments or shares directly impacts its visibility in user news feeds. And on Facebook, the world’s largest social network, photos perform best. Naturally, the more images you share — and the more they are interacted with, of course — the more people your visual content (and your brand) reach. Pinterest is unfortunately limited to repinning.

So which social network is better for visual content? And the answer is it depends… The two social media sites really differ in terms of audience, how you want the image to be populated, if you are selling a product etc so both are strong in effect. However, if your business is solely interested in sharing visuals for brand awareness and reach, for instance — in that case, you might want to focus your efforts more on Facebook. But if your business is trying to drive purchases of a product, you might see more luck on Pinterest but all in all the power of the image is stronger than ever.


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