Defending Pinterest

22 Oct

Of all the social networking sites, I have only just begun my romance with Pinterest. We are in our honeymoon period if you will, the phase where I can’t get enough and I am checking in every few hours. I am in love. However, like some relationships, it wasn’t smooth sailing in the beginning; admittedly I was having a fling with Instagram. Good old Instagram, making everything look pretty, with its numerous different lighting effects and framing options. It turned the most mundane object into a masterpiece but Instagram started to get a bit selfish for me. In the article ‘In Defence of Pinterest’ by Colm Thompson, he conveys my feelings on how Pinterest compares to other social network sites; Pinterest is outwardly focused (“Look at this”) as opposed to the inward focus of all other social network sites (“Look at me!”), and I could not agree more. It is a refreshing change to engage in all this visual and not feel obliged to participate.


The article in question highlights the beating that Pinterest takes from critics because of its huge female fan base and popular boards about fashion, home decor and weddings, which of course is obvious, but it is interesting to look at Pinterest from a more professional and philosophical sense. Sometimes it is difficult to speak our feelings out loud, difficult in an everyday capacity and perhaps on another scale for those in therapy for depression or other disorders that are verbally treated, this is where Pinterest can serve more than as a social media outlet. The article details how a relationship counsellor had her clients use Pinterest, the popular picture-pinning social network, to create arrays of images that map out their feelings, proving to be a highly successful experiment!


The rant against Pinterest extends to its “assault on literacy”, as critics have claimed… but Pinterest actually paints upon us internally and serves as a very powerful mechanism to store and generate ideas. We all know the visual has a more powerful effect on the mind, it awakens our imagination and when coupled with facts and statistics, like in an Infographic, it still sends out a professional message.


Pinterest‘s glance ability makes it incredibly useful as a visual memory locker. It can be used in a playful way to store information through different boards and it brings you out of yourself and into a world of things. As someone who uses Pinterest as a social media marketing tool, it makes life so much easier for me and the reader, making the divulgence of information a less painful task for everyone. Think of it not as just a collection of ‘stuff’ but rather like a photo album full of ‘re-pinnable’ information!

After all a picture is worth a thousand words!





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