Is a Social Media Community Manager Worth the Investment?

11 Oct


As a beginner in the whole social media marketing world HubSpot is well and truly my friend. As an intern in this field, I am constantly using this website for their informative articles and notes on blog posts, so when I saw the title of this article they had my attention. Obviously I understand the importance of social media in my own personal life- what’s going on in the lives of my friends, picture updates, events to go to and just the general ‘banter’ but social media is playing an integral role for business and services alike.

Sharing with friends about my new job post, a common reaction to my job title was; “there’s a job for that now?” (a social media marketing assistant) and the answer is Yes and it’s and its and enjoyable yet full-time position. There is a huge market for this role and it is growing rapidly in my opinion! It might seem crazy that in the midst of this global economic crisis, companies have the finances to fund such a position but truthfully we are heading towards a more fruitful virtual world and this is where the money is!!

Firstly a major advantage to this role is the cutting down the number of sales persons employed- you can provide the same services to your customers, perhaps even more profitably, without the overhead of increasing your sales team because the inbound leads can more than make up for this niche. A little tough I do understand on the positivity of creating jobs but some in a virtual world a social media community manager can drive sales directly and we’re talking money here people!!

So what does a community manager do I hear you ask?

Well that’s simple- If you are going to improve the buzz behind your company in cyber space, you may as well look good doing it. Nothing screams ‘un-professionalism’ or that you don’t give a ‘hoot’, than if your company’s online information is half-filled in or in-complete. Do yourself a favour and make sure that your company and employee information is up to date and that you are sending out a consistent and coherent message.

Social media has a purpose to make you part of the ‘buzz’. Make sure that you are a present and vocal feature on all your social media sites. Are you sending out your message at the correct times? Are you joined with the right LinkedIn groups? Who are your rivals? What do they offer? Well you get my point… Being in the ‘know’ and the ‘now’ are equally important.

Engage every day, perhaps numerous times a day with your viewers and consumers; it makes you appear fresh, popular and confident in your company and what you are selling. Promote yourself through blogs and articles that you know will be interesting to your target market, this could include blogger outreach- it shows that your company is connected. Engaging also extends in inviting the virtual viewer to engage with the message you are sending out through invitations to join in on a conversation or replying promptly to a question about the company or product, at the end of the day, this relationship may flourish into a partnership or a sale, and without repeating myself- ‘we’re talking money here people!!’.

So the proof is in the pudding, the job is there for a social media community manager/intern to grow sales and profit. It’s a risk worth taking- but I may be a LITTLE biased!

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