7 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

10 Oct

Out of Instagram’s 80 million follows, I would probably count myself among 10% of its favourite users. I’m a very visual person and get nothing but a thrill from people sharing pictures of their daily lives with the added magic of light effects, cropping and pixelated add-on’s. It just seems to add some character to everything and is so simple and straightforward in its structure, that it just makes it child’s play! You have followers, they follow you and you ‘Like’ their pictures; more interactive than Twitter but less invasive than Facebook. Yes, I ‘Like’.

After all this high praise for Instagram, I am certain that it can have the same implications for a business as Twitter and Facebook already retains.

So, 1. You can showcase your products! However boring or simple your product may be, Instagram will promise to do it justice. It’s like mobile window-shopping and you can link up your website in the description bar below so that you can increase exposure to your page and maybe nab a few sales.

2. Go behind the scenes into how your product came about or how it was made. Instagram is about being a bit noisy anyways so take full advantage and snap happy in the production room or consider a step by step process through pictures. People don’t normally get to see this side of a business and it’s interesting to see the birth of a product, no matter what it is.

3. Show what your products can do, if it’s a service that your business provides then show us how the service works to drum up our interest. Remember a visual is harder to shake from the brain than a document or an e-mail. We want to see things in action!

4. Exclusives! Having done research previous on the V.I.P. treatment for consumers, I know how important it can be. Use Instagram to give your followers a sneak peek into your up and coming projects and services. It will create a buzz before the product even hits the shelves and will generate anticipation about what the product is about. If your product is out of stock, show the consumer that you haven’t forgotten about them and it’s on its way!

5. I think that sharing pictures of the office is a great idea. If I like a product, I have definitely thought once or twice about what it would be like to work for them. The employees might enjoy their 15 minutes of fame and it creates the image of a happy work environment that makes happy products! Instagram can also be yet another vehicle to advertise job positions, instagram a picture of an empty office space/chair and allow the follower to imagine themselves there.

6. Since Instagram is a social site, show them the social side of your business, bring them along to events and it will tickle people if you are sharing pictures from their local area or where they have a drink on a Friday night. It will also show the fun side of business.

7. Introduce your employees; this could something that is an on-going occurrence with a different employee every week. It shows that you care and that you value the people that get the product or service to the public. Also although we love looking at the shiny happy picturesque people that are in the product’s advertisements, it’s nice to put a ‘human’ face behind the brand!

So go on- go out there and get snap happy!


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