How to Give Your Audience the 5-Treatment with Exclusive Offers

4 Oct


VIP, ‘Exclusive’ offers, sign up and get X, Y and Z free all seems a bit overdone and overused, doesn’t it?! Well actually no, “exclusivity” is alive and well and making us jump the gun to be the first in line to get what’s going! Tell someone that they can’t have something, it’s difficult to get or that they have to wait in line, just makes that product or membership all that more appealing and alluring. The want increases because the consumer believes that they are part of something secretive and this ‘want’ is a powerful tool in the marketing world.

Let’s take for example an ‘invite-only’ website- 11k Club- join this club and you’ll get…. something. I can’t tell you what, but it’s DEFINITELY something. This ‘club’ is truly genius and a perfect example of our influence as a consumer and how easily led we are; sheep in the meadow, moths to a flame or does it just spring from an inherit need to be part of something? After discovering the logic behind this website and I was honesty shocked about how influenced the consumer is but equally as inquisitive and curious. HubSpot investigated this invite-only site and the facts are fascinating; 11,000 spots and the tag line reads- “11,000 Place Available One Exceptional Benefit”, but you haven’t a clue how you are to benefit!

The site’s co-founder Steve Whyley manifested this idea after he ran a bookmarking site with a restriction on sign-ups. This limitation resulted in a huge surge of traffic to his site, all wanting to sign up. The brilliance of this outcome stemmed from the fact that Whyley never intended to have an ‘exclusive’ sign-up sheet, he just wanted to control spam; therefore ‘The 11K Club’ was born. So… exclusivity is flourishing and HubSpot have outlined ways in which a business can make this work for them.

As a deals junkie myself, I agree that exclusive access to deals is high priority. Of course there are companies that base the whole premise of their website around this concept but why not try partnering up with another website to give back to your followers, such as a coupon code for the partner website. This will increase both the SEO for everyone- win win! Perhaps to increase the exclusivity of your website even further, honouring ‘grandfather’ clients is integral, you are rightly paying back your nearest and dearest, while allowing new clients insight into how their loyalty will be received and making them that wee bit jealous at the same time.

Follow in the footsteps of news broadcasters and promote a ‘hear it here first’ campaign. Knowledge is power and by letting your costumers know that you will be their first informer is a very promising move. As an impressionable individual myself, I am a sucker for first base access to information. The words ‘limited time only’ makes my heart skip a beat and I’m SOLD. Don’t give me time to think about it, you want me, the consumer to pounce on impulse- because we all know that vulnerability equals impulse and impulse equals money. It is as simple as that! The mind works in a funny way but the science behind psychology is integral to every business, feed your consumers desire to be part of something exclusive and watch your business become the ‘In-Crowd’ place to be!

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