Augmented Reality Glasses….. will they ever catch on?

28 Sep

So in my quest to learn more about the world of Social Media, I stumbled upon a very interesting article about ‘Augmented Reality’. Now what is this I hear you ask?? Well quite frankly I am still confused but I shall share with you what I have learned.

My curiosity first came to head when I found an article about a UK company using Google’s concept of ‘augmented reality’ glasses, challenging it and claiming to have formulated a better version. Wow, someone bold enough that was willing to take on the mighty giants that are the Google; The King Nerds of the computer world if you will, however the people at TTP (The Technology Partnership), a company that specialises in technology development put up a very strong argument in their favour. I had to do some research myself on Google’s prototype and honestly I was blown away but baffled at the same time. Google’s official release of their augmented reality glasses came in tow with an insightful YouTube video entitled ‘Project Glass’. We share the screen of a young guy going about his daily life from an internal voyeuristic point of view and the glasses operate as if a smart phone exists in the lenses. The level of technology is startling to be quiet frank and I simply had to question who would buy this? It is all very impressive and obviously it is a strong step in the Social Media world but I am not sure if the price tag could be justified for an entertainment instrument.

This brings me back to Google’s competition; TTP. Although their prototype glasses are only a proof of concept, they believe that they can hit the big players for funding because of their more realistic and streamlined version of glasses. In terms of practicality, TTP think that they have a major advantage over Google because of their placement of the projected image, Google’s glasses have a small screen of the right hand side of the lens whereas TTP’s prototype allows the wearer to see the image of ‘augmented reality’, head on, invisible to anyone watching, and it doesn’t require a change of gaze by the wearer. I can see how TTP might feel that they have the edge, although I think the Google Gods are untouchable and it is their concept, I can’t imagine their consumer market extends more than sci-fi nerds, hipsters and those foolish with their money! I mean would we all look a little out of sorts talking to ourselves, commanding our glasses to ‘check in’ to Facebook with our location or calling our tweets out load?! Personally I think the intelligent people at TTP were on my wavelength. Their funding will be received because of their plans for practical use within the ‘augmented reality’ world. The new placement if the image could allow surgeons to tell them what is happening to the patient’s life signs, their vital signs, blood oxygenation level, pulse etc. Alternatively imagine what it could do for people in the competitive sports league; you could track times, breathing, heart rate and so forth. So to conclude, I am going to root for TTP in their use of ‘augmented reality’ and its quest to make the world a better place! Maybe I’m just not cool enough or I am a little old fashioned but Google I’m just not ready for that level of sophistication so I think ill stick to my good old smart phone thank you very much!

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