Going Deeper – Getting Employees To Internalize A Brand

24 Aug

Steve Farnsworth's Old Blog

You can’t really create a brand. That is, create a bunch of communications deliverables and design assets, roll them out to the rank and file, explain to everyone at the company what the company’s new brand is now, and expect employees to internalize that brand. It just doesn’t work.

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Yet, that’s exactly the de facto methodology most brand managers use. I spoke to Bob Kennedy of McAfee for a previous blog about more effective branding, and in that interview he shared a process he and his team implemented at McAfee to connect their brand with what employee’s actually felt. More specifically, series of working sessions that let McAfee’s employees clarify what the brand meant to them, and then insert the brand DNA they already actually had into the branding process.

Crucial Brand Adoption Insights

Robin Matlock

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