Time Management Exercises for Home Based Entrepreneurs

4 Jul

Time Management Exercises for Home Based Entrepreneurs

If you were to ask home-based business owners what makes them decide to take this career path, they will surely say that it is the freedom it offers them. Your success or failure will depend on one important factor – time management skills.

Running a home-based business requires time management skills and discipline considering that the home can be a place for all kinds of distractions. Even if your business is home-based, it will still require time management skills that most corporate organisations will require in order for it to achieve success. Being able to manage your time is one of the most important aspects of management skills require to make your home based business successful.

In order for you to become an effective and productive business owner running a home-based business, you should be able to incorporate the time management skills you exercise at the corporate office into your own, personal time management skills.

Here are top five must-do exercises that will allow home based business owners to manage your time efficiently and effectively.

  • Setting your goals – There are different types of goals, short term, medium term and long term goals. To achieve your goals, you should start by creating a vision for the day, what are the things you are looking forward to achieve from your To Do List. Writing down your goals is very as it will serve as your guide towards achieving it.


  • Get each day started with a list – This is an effective exercise that will never fail. It is always ideal to start your day with a list because it allows you to have a sort of outline of the things you should do for the day.Creating your To-Do List – When preparing this list, you first have to write all the activities that need to be done. Then break it down into smaller components. Looking at an activity or realising how it should be done can be sometimes intimidating. By breaking down these activities into smaller portions, it looks easier to do and more attainable.


  • Time Scheduling – It is important for home-based business owners to realise the importance of setting deadlines or specific time period for things that need to be done. This is how you can divide your time more effectively and make the most of your activities to make your day even more productive. Consider it as one of the incentives of being your own boss in which you can set your own schedule.


  • Set your mind to Focus – One of the things that can make a home-based business owner unsuccessful is they tend to get more distracted such as friends dropping by and not to mention, as well as the major culprit the internet. Part of time management skills is to plan your day to day schedules effectively.

Monitoring your home based business effectively requires balance, discipline and focus.

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