Busy Lizzie Marketing and Sales Internship

4 Jul

Busy Lizzie is hiring an intern via the JobBridge Intern scheme: further details HERE

We are looking for somebody very clever, with drive and ambition, who has an interest in the media, and is looking for a start in the world. The job title is marketing and sales assistant. So if you’re clued in, curious, and not afraid of hard work, we’d like to hear from you.

If you’d like to be considered please read the checklist below. We will only consider applicants who follow the specific requirements outlined.

Here is what you need to do to apply……

In addition to carefully crafting an application letter and CV, we also want you to try a little bit harder to be heard. We’re not interested in the stock standard letter you send everywhere else. To be shortlisted for interview you’re going to need to do something to stand out from the crowd, but what you might ask?

We will leave that up to you.

As a clue here is what we are:

We are a back office support and lifestyle management company, which specialises in assisting SMEs around Ireland, UK and mainland Europe.

Here are some of the things we like:

Innovation, information creativity, great ideas, design, technology, humour, and new media.

The rest is up to you.

You application checklist

–       You must be a graduate or recent graduate (2008, 2009, 2010)

–       CV (2 pages maximum) and a cover letter.

–       Include something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

–       All documents should be sent in a single word document (.doc) format attached to an email and the subject line should read “Internship application Busy Lizzie” and your name

–       Please do not attach multiple files or put text in the body of the email.

–       Send your application to jobs@busylizzie.ie

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