Facebook Free Offers for Companies that Need to Monetise their Fan Base

23 Apr

ImageFacebook credits became the mandatory virtual currency for purchasing virtual goods in most apps and games designed for Facebook. According to experts, Video commerce professionals must consider Facebook credits as it has already achieved significant traction as virtual currency.

For most businesses, having a Facebook page becomes a very essential component of their marketing strategies. Since Facebook started encouraging businesses to deploy thumbs-up button all over the web, brands raced to rack up as much ‘likes’.

In order for businesses to succeed in the ‘like’ phase of marketing through Facebook, companies have to bring excitement to their fanbase by posting some compelling blogs, creating interactions spurring a sense of community and giving fans a sort of offer or rewards for their continuous support. Brands that don’t consider marketing through Facebook will risk seeing the ‘likes’ they worked hard to earn go away.

Some companies have started realising the way to help in building and maintaining audience interest is offering them with rewards program. Facebook credits are in their experimental stage, first with retail advertisers testing out with display video ads on this social media platform. However, it was said that paying consumers in Facebook credits can be a viable way of getting them to engage with specific types of branded video content.

In the last few months, Facebook has been testing offers and now the website rolls it out to the public. Amusingly, Facebook is not making big deal about it by making posts on their blog and are perhaps trying to roll it out slowly due to the failed attempts at offers in the past. Essentially, these are coupons and they can be massive leap towards social commerce and in assisting brands to make money.

Currently, Facebook offers are available only to those managed advertising clients. You can start reaching out to them and posting offers from your page. The good news is that it won’t cause anything for you to post or claim offers from Facebook. In order for you to increase the number of people that will see your offer, it is advised that you consider running an ad or sponsored story.

This can be one major step businesses can take in order for them to advance and reach out to as much clients. If your Facebook page does not offer this, chances are online visitors will go to other pages where they can see these freebies and they will start subscribing with the page to see and take advantage of more offers in the future.

This works because the offers are very easy to claim, and viral in a way that those who have received the free offers can spread it to their network friends and this can help you in monetising your fan base. It is very surprising to see these won’t cost you anything to use, but in the long run, Facebook will probably benefit as advertisers are willing to spend in exchange for the increase in their fan base.

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