Voice Activated Virtual Reality Glasses: The Future is Literally on Our Eyes

16 Apr

Voice Activated Virtual Reality Glasses: The Future is Literally on Our Eyes

Now that Google has introduced its voice activated virtual reality glasses, the future will finally and literally be placed in front of our eyes. Google aims to introduce wearable computing devices into the mainstream technology industry and the virtual glasses are just a part of it.

If you wonder what these futuristic glasses can do, the video that Google released on this month have already answered your curiosity. The virtual reality glasses can take photos, check the weather, get directions, and make a video call. Although there are few buttons in the device, majority of the application is activated by voice. Now that is quite interesting.

The device is slim and can fit around the forehead. At its top right corner you will find a little screen that presents the information to the viewer. The applications that are used in these virtual reality glasses are believed to be powered by Android, the same technology that is used in tablets and smart phones. Apart from the earlier mentioned features, the glasses are capable of 3G and 4G connections, GPS navigations and motion sensors.

According to one person who had the rare opportunity to test the glasses, technology will never be in your way. If you want to take a photograph, you no longer need to draw your phone out of your pocket. At the moment when you want to capture an image, just press a small button on the top of the glasses and you are done.

However, the device is yet to be released for sale. Google X employees Sebastian Thurun, Steve Lee and Babakl Parviz said that the design is introduced to the public to get feedbacks and input. Google Plus, Google’s social networking platform, has also served as a medium for letting the public know about the futuristic glass. The trio posted in the social network that they shared the information because they want to have the audience’s valuable input. The public is requested to follow along as the employees share their stories. The public is also asked about their thoughts on the Project Glass.

Project Glass is the name of the two year effort that concluded in the virtual reality glasses. It is developed in the covert Google X laboratory that has a close proximity to Google’s main headquarters in Mountain View California.

The voice activated augmented-reality glasses are just a beginning of a great technological advancement. Mr. Parviz, who is deeply involved in Project glass, has already developed electronically embedded contact lens that can transmit pixels to the eye of the wearer. Mr. Parviz specialises in the field that fuses micro technology and biology – bionanotechnology.

Later this year, the voice activated virtual reality glasses will be on sale. The immensity of its impact in the technology industry is difficult to imagine. As the device is at the final stages of development, it would be prudent to anticipate more news. Today technology is moving very fast, you can get left behind in a wink. But with the voice activated virtual reality glasses, we think that you can indeed catch up.

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