Pinterest as a Form of Social Media Marketing

30 Mar

Pinterest is the hottest thing, so far, that happened in the world of social media marketing. This new social media site has substantially grown in just few months. In fact, from the 1.2 million users as of August 2011, it ballooned to nearly 5 million users now. Although it first it may seem a little bit confusing but in no time, you will become a Pinterest expert.

Pinterest is all about sharing images that you discovered on the internet which tickled your interest. It is like a board with pins in your office, the image you selected to upload will become a pin on the board in your profile. If you want, you can customise your own boards with each of the board representing variety of interests you may have.

Pinterest serves a number of useful purposes for personal or business use. Pinning is very easy as it has Pin It Button. After you found the image, all you need to do is click the Pin It Button and choose the corresponding picture. Aside from the images you see on the internet, you can also upload those that are saved on your computer or hard drive. You can copy and paste the URL where the picture is saved and Pinterest will grab it for you.

When you started Pinning, it becomes hard to stop. Each picture has a community of people with something to say, or they can re-pin your image as well on their board. If you see a good picture, share what is on your mind or like it on Facebook. If you have found a board that interests you the most, you can follow their updates or all of their boards.

If you are a small business owner, affiliate marketer or e-commerce retailer and you know where to find really good photos, Pinterest can be used for driving your business. In fact, your account can host multiple Pinboards and by posting some great pictures for a number of times daily, other users are able to see them, repin and link through them into your site. This way, you can easily increase your audience and add them into your email campaigns. You can use emails to drive more people on your Pinterest pinboards. With a well-designed email, you can instantly add appeal to your audience. It is easy to imagine a better looking social web and email box because Pinterest helps drive people to use high quality pictures.

Making profits through Pinterest boils down into click throughs. If there are more people who connect with the content that you post, they are most likely to click through to your site. You will have to create some content and a following. It is easy to create a following. If you pain more, the content that you pain is of higher quality and more people will then follow you. You can make use of the strategies in Twitter. If you interact with users that have high number of followers and repin the stuffs they pinned, you will also gain their followers.


One Response to “Pinterest as a Form of Social Media Marketing”

  1. Mark Hammond 30/03/2012 at 1:50 pm #

    Thanks for the article. At Magicbuz we are just starting to use Pinterest. It really is an amazing success story.

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