Facebook Tips for Personal Users

8 Feb
  • The Power of Unsubscribe

Rather than “block” or “unfriend” someone on Facebook, now you can simply “unsubscribe” – that is you hit “unsubscribe” (at the top of a Facebook friends page will say subscribed, hit that and hit unsubscribe) and you will stay Facebook friends with that person however their posts and profile changes will not appear in your news feed, allowing you to avoid those awkward moments on the street after an “un-friending” on Facebook.

  • Chat to who You Want

Choose who you “Chat” to by hitting the symbol at the bottom of the Chat toolbar that resembles a Sun. You will now have the option to either select certain people you never want to appear available to chat to or select only the few individuals that you want to ever appear online to.

  • Change the Way that Different People See your Profile

This is particularly useful if you’re adding somebody you’re not quite sure about, or adding a work colleague (for instance) who you don’t want to see your holiday snaps or the contents of your wall. If you’ve already added somebody but then decide you want to change their settings later, click on “privacy” in the top right corner and you can add people to your “limited profile”– plus you can click “edit setting” to edit what is actually included in your limited profile as well.

  • Block the App!

If you’re getting annoyed with the same invitations to the same applications over and over – Farmville being a popular culprit – , you can block the application from sending you any more invites. It’s easy to do and saves you cluttering up your feed with hundreds of different invites to play the same thing – but it still lets you add the application if you change your mind later! All you need to do is click on the application’s name to go to it’s “about” page and then click the little “block application” button on the right hand side. Simple as that!


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