5 Clever Facebook Tips For Business Users

8 Feb

Be Careful When You Post

Pay attention to what time of the day you post on and how often that you post. A business should post on Facebook every day however this should be limited to a maxium of one post per day so as not to “spam” a persons news feed and in fact cause them to unsubscribe from your business. Studies show that 9am and 8pm are the best times of day to make a Facebook post – vary your posts each day around these times.

Keep your content interesting

Varying your content between text, video and image content, asking for opinions and feedback, providing interestings facts and unformation all help to grabbing and keeping your fans attention. Getting them to your page is the first step however keeping them there is the more important step and in order to do so, you need to keep your fans intrigued with interesting content in your Facebook statuses. Think of your Facebook page as a form of advertising campaign – you would not release a radio or television campaign without innovative content so why do so without your Facebook content?

Track your statistics

Facebook provide a free analytics tool for your Facebook business page where you can track statistics such as your new likes and unlikes, the demographics of your fans, the volume of attention both your posts and your page receive on dates that you can select manually. This is a great place to review how successful your content is and to enable you to understand your fans through the demographic statistics available thus helping you to plan your Facebook posts better.

 Make your fans feel important

Welcome new fans to the page e.g. “Thanks to @JohnSmith and @JaneSmith for liking the page, welcome to our Facebook page guys”, offer exclusive Facebook discounts and mini competitions to fans to “reward” them for being a fan of your page – think of it as Facebook customer loyalty and a way to turn Facebook into a revenue producing tool.

 Personalise your Page

Your Facebook page should blatantly promote your brand and enforce brand recognition amongst those who like or even stumble upon your page. Use your photo tagline (the line of photos at the top of your page) to feature your logo five times, spread a slogan across the photos, spread photos of products available with brand logo in the middle. Your profile picture should  feature your logo/slogan and should be changed regularly to fit in with seasonal festivties or events. Post information about awards, photos of events and your products and even have an album featuring contacts and images of staff, completely embedding your page with your brand and making it personal.

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