Read Your Way to Success

23 Jan

Did you know that your ideas and thoughts are capable of shaping your reality? Everything that goes inside your mind will be serving as a path for your present and for the future. Reading will expose your mind to unlimited knowledge ideas that you’ve never thought of before. There are tonnes of books that are written with purpose of helping people in their life including their career managing business.

You: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
With this book, I feel asking questions about defining “effective.” Has anyone already created scientific studies about successful people after which tried in correlating their attributes? And yet again comes another task of defining successful.

In fact, it is very logical that you can be effective by initiating something. Well, if you stay as a cog within the machine that runs your life then of course, that is not starting anything but just only playing the role. It is the time to set up a goal that speaks the language of responsibility. Such book is very good in including all the materials that will enhance affirmation and visualisation of people in improving their performance in a corporation. People reading such book will gain knowledge on the concise sales and marketing methods that applies to every business people.

Strategy: Good to Great by Jim Collins
Another book created using feedback and statistics that attempt to comprehend and identify all the common denominators when it comes to behaviours separating a great company from a good company. Several people have made studies that even Collins himself was surprisingly shocked of the results. The book states the belief that any organisation has the ability to improve and succeed. Jim Collins writes for people who want to improve in managing their business with the concepts and knowledge needed.

Sales and Marketing: Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith
The book covers a lot of field when it comes to business. To address the challenges of people when it comes to business, Harry Beckwith has written a book to provide the strategies that covers different grounds of business. The book talks about improving bad service instead of losing hope, asking and gathering information about your standards, industry and clients, creating all the possible and efficient service needed in your business, identifying marketing acts, improving your relationship with people and selling the perfect service, satisfying your clients, becoming a professional in your field of business and more.

Entrepreneurship: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
This book explains and relates how and why business fails and how to improve it. Michael wrote the book arguing about three personalities required in running a successful business. Such personalities are essential and play different roles in different agendas. Entrepreneur, technician and a manager are important in making the business organised and running to success. He believes that these three personalities are capable of working together in making the business in shape and well balance.

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