The 3/50 Project: Small Beginnings Big Changes

15 Dec

The 3/50 Project: Small Beginnings Big Changes

The 3/50 Project is an American movement with a tagline “Saving Brick and Mortars our nation is built on”. The goal of the movement is to inspire local business by asking local consumers to patronise locally owned and home grown establishments and to help them stay afloat despite the growing financial distress. The movement strategised by asking 2 things from every local consumer, that is to select three locally owned business establishment that they think can’t live without or would terribly miss and look for once they close down. The other action is an encouragement to at least spend $50 a month on the said establishment for purposes of helping the business copes up with the demands of its operations and to stay running despite the many troubles brought about by unstable economy, both domestic and international.

The 3/50 Project encourages local patrons and shoppers to establish a direct commercial relationship with the local business, of whatever kind. It may be a restaurant, a bookstore, book shop or a greengrocer. The encouragement to identify 3 establishments is a mode of waking up the shopper of how the local economy will die if these local establishments fail to operate due to the preference of shoppers to get their pair of jeans inside national chains rather than settle for a locally owned boutique shop or department store. It is the awareness that this locally owned stores were put up so they could deliver basic services and needs to the local community and to totally neglect and abandon them to get the latest pair from national chains or to eat and dine inside food chains and billions of net worth in their pockets, would be tantamount to suicide. Patronage over something that people perceive to be the best or latest trend should be set aside when economy is downsizing at a tremendous rate.

The death of local establishment has a domino effect to the local economy. The ceasing of operation will lessen local income revenue and local projects and aspirations will not materialise. The closure of shops for locally owned stores, restaurants and similar establishments will increase the unemployment rate and will push able workers and professionals to migrate to other places in an attempt to salvage their own economic life. The absence of local establishment to deliver these basic services is equivalent to a death penalty imposed to the locality. While national chains continue to grow, local business will be forced to close down. Change starts with you. If you decide that you will help your life, the same domino effect is released. Patronising local merchant stores will pump up the local revenue and resist displacement caused by national chains preying on the clueless shopper. A small amount of change can benefit an entire community if done collectively. Learn to patronise local shops and stores and let the money grow in your community instead of letting national chains take away your community’s chances of survival and good economy.

Help save the local economy and start supporting the 3/50 Project.

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