Near Field Communication

31 Oct

What is a Near Field Communication?
Near Field Communication or otherwise known as NFC is a way of communicating which allows the transfer of simple data, transactions that are simplified, and connections done in a wireless manner. Usually, this process is done through two different devices which are close to one another. The closeness is usually expected to be something like few centimeters apart.

As of the present day, the market is now filled with many types of smart phones which are not encapsulated with chips that can be used for the purpose of NFC. These chips are expected to send data and messages that are encrypted in it and will be received from a short distance.

NFC is best pictured this way: if you are going to do your shopping, you don’t need to bring out your actual credit card anymore. All you have to do is to wave or tap your smart phone on the product reader. This works well because your smart phone carries the information that is embedded in your credit card.

NFC is co-invented by Semiconductors NXP and Sony Corporation some time in 2002. The truth is that smart phones and mobile phones are growing numbers each day and the demand of these gadgets or devices is also increasing day by day. NFC is now added in the rosters of smart phones which are considered effective and reliable in making certain “near field” payments.

Sometime in 2004, the NFC Forum was formed and this was the start of the promotion of pairing, sharing, and transactions between devices which are activated by NFC. The NFC Forum has also made it a point to allow people in their certification and compliance to the standards being imposed by NFC.

One of the best benefits of NFC activated smart phones and tablets is that people can make payments through his phone that comes with embedded credit card info; the NFC inspired phone can also serve as a person’s ID card or keycard. NFC devices also have the capability to read and interpret NFC tags on retail displays and museums. NFC can also share contacts, song, photo, apps, and videos or pair devices with Bluetooth.

• Intuitive: requires no further touches for interactions
• Versatile: comes with the broadest range of uses, industries, and environments
• Technology Enabling: fast and convenient setup of technologies (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
• Inherently Secure
• Security: Ready
• Interoperable: can readily work with card technologies that are contactless

• Risk of Frauds: according to a blog post, NFC can be used to tap bank accounts
• Competition and Agreement: all business entities should agree altogether that NFC should be the sole basis in making payments and other business transactions
• Adoption and Affordability of Smart Devices

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