Nurturing Team Players

7 Sep

Upon seeking employment, one of the most common qualities that an applicant must have is to be a “team player”. In the work environment, an employer should make sure that the employees in the company are comfortable in working as a team member. For newly hired employees, adjusting to a new environment requires time, and fitting in with the group will lead to a productive organisation. As a team player, each employee plays an important role in achieving the goals of the company. Being a team player means that cooperation from each member is expected instead of just following orders or giving orders as a leader. It is normal that not all team members like one another, or that a particular member may not be liked by everyone. It is extremely important that personal matters should be set aside when a team is assigned a task. Each team player must be reliable to accomplish his or her duties as a part of the team. Communication and respect are two of the most important aspects of being an effective team player.

Team players are part of a business team, not a social gathering. While friendships may grow and develop among co-employees, it is important to remember that professionalism is always a top priority, especially when it comes to work-related tasks or projects. If there are conflicts between co-workers, these should not be a hindrance to the performance of the team in achieving the desired output.

As an employer, one should be able to determine which members of the team are more effective as leader, and which ones are efficient in being natural followers. Roles can be switched as well, to allow for the professional growth of team players. When assigned to be a leader, an employee should know his or limits in taking charge, so as not be labelled as being too bossy or arrogant, and in some cases, disrespectful to the supervisor. A follower, on the other hand, should also have respect towards the leader, and should communicate effectively if there are concerns regarding the task at hand.

Employers should establish within their subordinates their roles and responsibilities as a team player, and as an employee. Regardless of personal issues, an assigned task should be accomplished within the given time period. As team players, working with others with respect will lead to an effective team that can get the job done because personal matters will not hinder them from doing their tasks.

As employers, one should not ask employees to be team players. It is to be expected of them naturally. Cooperation, respect, and communication from team players will result to the achievement of goals. As long as team players are working well with each other, the goals of the company will be met, with a structured and strong team behind it.

Remember that as an employer or supervisor, one should interact with team players and show constant support. Should the members of the team need your help or assistance, they should not hesitate to approach you and discuss any concerns with you. Communicating effectively can lead to a productive team, wherein different opinions, suggestions, and concerns can be discussed in order to achieve goals and accomplish tasks that have been assigned to them.

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