How to Enjoy Driving with Children

27 Jul

You’ve scheduled the vacation both with the office and the family, taken all our advice on how to go mobile with work (or NOT to let work interfere with a peaceful holiday) and are hitting road! Shortly into the trip you wish you were once again holed up in your cubicle because the kids are
driving you crazy! Busy Lizzie has gathered some tidbits to calm you down and keep you from cutting your trip short!


  1. Prepare a checklist just for the journey in the car.
  2. Plan out rest stops if possible so you can tell complaining kids how much longer till the next stop.
  3. Give yourself plenty of extra time! Kids will get cranky if rushed and will need more potty and stretching stops than you think.


1. Make sure children are in the proper safety seats and are wearing comfortable clothes.

2. Bag up travel-safety activity “tools” like washable, round pointed crayons, fabric books, soft dolls and stuffed animals.

3. On every break, get rid of rubbish and clear the clutter to help keep everyone fresh and happy.

4. No matter how much you enjoy the quiet, don’t stuff kids with snacks and drinks, particularly young children that could choke, get car sick, and spill.


  1. Videos will occupy children of any age. Older children can wear earphones, but with younger children you might have to hear the same music and dialogue over and over…and over again!
  2. Nothing calls for smiles and laughs like singing and telling stories – timeless, always a hit, and pulls kids away from all those electronic handhelds and mobile phones (but these items sure are handy when all else fails!).
  3. There are lots of online sites that offer activity worksheets and colouring pages like and
  4. If there is an adult or older child that can read while in a moving car (many people get motion sickness while in the car), that person can read a book to everyone. Try composing a story together.
  5. Don’t forget a deck of cards and pamphlets about the location to where you are traveling!
  6. Let older kids monitor the GPS or mark off a map as your trip progresses.


  1. Everybody grabs something when they get out of the car.
  2. Cheer and take a deep breath! You made it!

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