Does Your Business Have a Sustainability Plan?

19 Jun

As you build up your small business, important things you want to project to clients are trust and responsibility. It’s vital that when you make a promise or claim that you follow through with it each and every time. There is very little room for error or second chances because if you fail a customer, chances are your competitor is ready to jump in.

How green your company is really is of importance to people today. It no longer is a choice to include or not include in your marketing and advertising plans. In fact, it is SO necessary that in addition to marketing, business, and advertising plans, SME’s are preparing Sustainability Plans. There is more to running an effective environmentally-friendly company than it used to be and more is expected by the public.

Change can only happen if your people are behind it, so make sure your commitment is clear and persistent. There are many companies and non-profits that can advise you what sustainability efforts are best for you, and grants, incentives, and loans to help you fulfill what you decide to initiate. Check with associations and local governments for free or low-cost environmental audits, as well.

It takes research, some initial spending, but the savings (and profits) you will achieve will be worth it. And, yes, whatever your business does to lessen your footprint WILL benefit our planet.

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