Think Differently

28 Apr

I love cooking and am a huge fan of MasterChef, and last night being the 2011 final.

A lad called Tim Anderson won, and wow what a cook he was. So many different influences, Japanese, good old British classics as well as a fusion of East meets West.

I believe the reason he won, was that he did things differently, but not only that he did it with style, passion and a great end result.

One of the judges Gregg Wallace said: “Inventive is one thing but inventive and delicious is nothing short of incredible.”

Thinking back on it this morning, it made me think about how you can relate this back to business. I guess it goes back to the Del Boy ‘He Who Dares’ mentality. Now really is the time to take a chance (albeit calculated to some extent), try that new idea/product/service, go ahead with that business idea or take time out and go travelling.

Carpe Diem – a great motto to live by, and one which should be inputted into business and your personal life daily.

To watch the final on the BBC iPlayer do so here

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