Outsourcing in Today’s Economy

26 Apr

Outsourcing refers to contracting with an outside individual or company for an assignment that would otherwise be done by an in-house employee. Outsourcing has become so much more than that, doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it’s gotten, and is actually necessary for many small and medium businesses during these difficult economic times.

If the skill set or time allowance is not available in-house, the first response usually is to skip or skimp on the project or task. But what if what is needed is providing good customer service, setting up a marketing plan or web site, running errands that never seem to get done (until the procrastination turns into an emergency!) or fulfilling the service or product orders that are essential to complete sales? Many smaller businesses simply do not have the resources or personnel to handle all the demands of a quickly growing business.

So what happens? Customers start to get frustrated, potential clients don’t even know you exist, the deliveries stop because the bills aren’t paid on time, and sales start to decline. Scary but many reading this can relate. Today competition in almost every market is fierce and volatile, and growing businesses simply cannot slip backwards and try to regain momentum.

Those specialised in multitudes of skills and talents are easily accessible in the online world. Outsourcing companies provide streamlined services and are able to focus only on what your requirements are, may have the technology unavailable to your small business, and if the work can be completed virtually, the available talent could be global.

Economically, outsourcing is just plain smart business. Outsourcing companies can provide services for less money because their contractors are usually not paid benefits and have less overhead. Work is completed with a specific time and budget. Meanwhile, the small business owner is able to focus on growing the business, while details are taken care of “behind the scenes”.

Outsourcing is not “sending jobs abroad” as it is sometimes seen, because independent contractors could be as local as a company’s employees are and it  allows current staff to be productive in their own jobs. And nothing is as bad for morale as the threat of a business failing because it couldn’t fulfill its responsibilities.

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