Handwritten Cards – Really Make An Impact

13 Apr

Clients ask me ways in which they can convert old and new leads as well as past clients.

My answer is very simple, write them a postcard.

The reason why a handwritten card is so effective is because 1) no one else does it, so you will stand out 2) people don’t take the time out of their day to interact with their leads or past clients and 3) people really do appreciate it.

I cannot tell you the number of thank you emails, reciprocal thank you cards and comments in passing from people who received one of our cards.

There are many opportunities for you to implement this simple method into your marketing mix/communications.

  1. If you collect clients birthdays – send them a birthday card
  2. When someone approaches you with a query, lead, referral or helping hand – send them a thank you card
  3. If you have not worked with a client for a while -send a reminder, hello we are still here and how are you card

These are just a few examples of how you can get this method to work for you. Get your thinking cap on, and I am sure you will come up with lots more that relate to your business model and marketing touches.

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