Busy Lizzie Partnership Programme

5 Apr

At Busy Lizzie we understand that strong partnerships are essential to business success in terms of enhancing the value of products and solutions, extending the reach into new markets, and improving the ability to meet customers’ demands. Therefore, we are constantly developing strategic partnerships with leading service companies and resellers. Our most recent partnership is with Jill Holtz of www.mykidstime.ie , both companies came together to dually promote their beneficial services to individuals and families looking to cut back on office tasks and make the most out of their time with their families.

Other partners include La Maison Chic, Brendan Costelloe & Associates, Call Management, Those Two Girls, Hotel Express, Access Italy – Tour Guides, Safety Net, uMobilize Promotions and Design 18 to name a few.

In conjunction with making our own partnerships, the Busy Lizzie team have devised a PartnerProgramme that delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products to you on becoming our Partner. We carefully select you as Providers based on the quality and value your products and services bring to our clients.

In addition to the increased revenue potential, there are many benefits in joining the BusyLizzie Partner Programme including:

  • New market/client base
  • Increased web traffic
  • Working with a company with a proven track record

So, if you feel your company has the potential to become a Busy Lizzie partner email us today. Increase your chances of success and become a partner today.

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