23 Mar

If you’re in a panic because January 1 has already passed, but you’re still digging under fast food containers, folders that contain who knows what, and miles of wires to find the one pen that actually works, calm down. It’s never too late to rid yourself of clutter, organise what’s left, and smile when you walk to your desk every morning. Of course, there are multitudes of how-to’s, hints, and organising websites, books, and articles in magazines. The key, however, is to set up a system that works for you!

An organiseed work space means you’ll be more productive and will spend more time pursuing success.

First, a couple little tasks to get you inspired.

1.       What DON’T you need? You can’t organise clutter and clutter must go. Put a recycling container and a rubbish bag next to your desk and toss (check with your boss first if necessary). You’ll be amazed how little time this will actually take.

2.       Decide what you need on your desk and what can get filed away or given to a colleague.

Now, there are a few simple questions to ask yourself to get your desk and satisfaction back.

1.       What boosts your spirit and catches your eye?

Is it colour, shape, space? Think about paintings or artwork that moves you. Was it the brilliance or subtlety of colour, did you want to reach out and touch a piece, or jump into a scene? Consider these when choosing colour folders, cubes, or hideaway spaces to store essentials.

2.       What is your work flow?

Do you like to tackle piles and move on, carry your files with you, or keep everything on your computer with nothing else around?

3.       Do you like to keep copies of everything (not including the clutter you threw out before!) or once conquered, out of your life it goes?

Do you need a lot of storage space or can you do with just a flat surface?

4.       Once your work is organised, what will make you keep it that way?

A special photo, plant, or child’s artwork? This is not the time to overcrowd your desk with sentimentality, just a token or two.

If nothing else, remember you can’t organise clutter and your workspace must work for you!

Need assistance with ideas and getting started? About Busy Lizzie

Busy Lizzie is a lifestyle management and personal assistant service that exists for the sole purpose of helping our clients to lead more fulfilling lives. Through our services, we enable our clients to enjoy newfound freedom by reducing the amount of time spent performing time-consuming tasks. We strive to ensure our clients have the opportunity to spend more time with their family, friends and on their hobbies and passions.

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