Don’t Just Talk the Green Talk – Walk it as Well! Part 1

15 Mar

Good business practice is instilling in customers the feelings of trust and sincerity. Companies need to stand behind their products, policies, and beliefs. Want to express your company’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment? Let them see your employees saving time, money, and energy commuting to work and meetings.

Encourage programs among staff to get them walking (also good exercise!), “Bike to Work”, sharing rides, and work-from-home plans.
It’s very easy in these days of electronic communication to save energy while still sharing ideas and being part of a team. In addition to work-from-home days, working virtually whether at home or in the office is available to almost everyone. Skype allows you to IM (instant messenger), phone with audio or video, and limited file sharing for free; Cisco WebEx and others provide free and easy web conferencing and online meeting tools, and sites like Gotomypc allow sharing of computer screens.

There are many document sharing and storing sites like Dropbox for online storage and sharing of documents, files, etc. Taking advantage of user-friendly sites like these free staff and colleagues from needing to travel to business meetings, conferences, and pickups and deliveries. Search out new ways to learn and access information you need without stepping outside your office door. The Internet is a resource with a mind-boggling amount of information.

If you need to know what’s going on in your marketing territory or neighborhood (or beyond) just click on Facebook.
Group your errands among the office and with other locations close by and try to carpool.

If you must drive, slow down, as driving fast with lots of stops and starts can heavily drain your gas tank. Keeping your car tuned up, tires properly inflated, and in good shape also helps it to use energy efficiently. Saving just a little each week really adds up.
Share your green transportation experiences with your customers, and they will be confident that you do as you say, and don’t just talk the green talk; you walk, bike, web conference, and conserve it as well!

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